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By Dinsa Sachan

Science and Culture Stories Curated by Journalist Dinsa Sachan

Science and Culture Stories Curated by Journalist Dinsa Sachan

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The (n) stages of grief

Grief is a uniquely human reaction to loss. Sapiens, an online science publication, celebrates everything human. Everything Homo Sapiens, to be exact. This story explores how medical anthropology is helping understand the roots of the diabetes epidemic in Pri…


You can't afford to miss these 11 stories

It's that time of the year again -- goal setting! For me, 2017 was sometimes exhilarating, sometimes heartbreaking.This week, I'll immerse myself in a left-brained dissection of what worked and what didn't -- and how I can make 2018 awesome personally and pro…


Priyanka Borpujari Picks Top Human Rights Stories

Have you heard of News Deeply? This new media start-up, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, publishes deeply reported pieces about human rights and environment issues. Our guest curator Priyanka Borpujari has linked to some of her phenomenal work o…


Depression: We Need to Talk About It

Have you heard of Anxy Mag? Launched recently, the crowdfunded magazine focuses on mental health issues and is beautifully designed. Publishing maven Zeba Talkhani grabbed a copy of their first issue. It's theme is anger. Talkhani was kind enough to share her…


Nucleus #14: Top Picks by Science Journalist Rod McCullom

I'm back to my den after a little break. I'd be busy with long-form writing projects for the next two months. That's exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. But I'm glad I'm fulfilling my promise of taking on longer stories.What new challenges are you c…


Nucleus #13: The Inspiration Special

Right now, New Delhi and most of northern India is sweltering hot at 46 degree celsius. Honestly, it's a little hard to work in these conditions. So, I'm enjoying a much-needed (and perhaps well-deserved) downtime, before plunging into work with full swing ne…


Nucleus #12: Byline Brags

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Nucleus #11: Gender Talk

Have you heard of Mosaic magazine? It is one of the best magazines for long-form science journalism. I highly recommend this piece by Lesley Evans Ogden. She biked around seven cities in the world to investigate whether the fitness benefits of cycling outweig…


Nucleus #10: Do you see ghosts?

Have you heard of Walrus magazine? It is an exceptionally well-written magazine out of Canada. Walrus is often touted as Canada's New Yorker. Two Walrus articles that I enjoyed: how Sunny Leone, a Canadian porn star made it big in Indian movies; and the labor…


Nucleus #9: GPS, Predatory Journals and Banned Movies

Have you heard of Spectrum magazine? It is run by the Simons Foundation, an organization that funds research in basic science and mathematics. Spectrum covers groundbreaking news from the world of autism research. This piece talks about the need to replace mi…


Nucleus #8: Mental Health and Hollywood

Have you heard about The Development Set? This online-only publication is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and focuses on global health and development. To get a taste of what they do, I would recommend two pieces: this piece that argues that menta…


Nucleus #7: Science in the Age of Trump

Have you heard about Ozy? They're the new kid on the digital journalism block. Based in Mountain View, California, Ozy appears to be the younger sibling of VICE. They cover a host of topics, including politics, science and culture. I loved this piece on India…


Nucleus #6: Tesla, Trump and Rape Culture

Have you heard about Symmetry magazine? Two U.S. research laboratories have joined forces to run Symmetry magazine. Its articles explore the intriguing worlds of astronomy and particle physics. If you're a Higgs Boson enthusiast, you may like this perspective…


Nucleus #5: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

The key to achieving your goals is to make them specific, explains this Scientific American blog post. It's a quick read about how to set smart resolutions. Or, are you a fan of Norman Vincent Peale? Then you should read this piece in the New York Times that …


Nucleus #4: Exploring the Mind's Mysteries

Trust Psychology Today to publish provocative counter-intuitive stories about human nature. A great example is this story on jealousy. What good could come out of jealousy? Much, it seems. Apparently, a little bit of jealousy is just fine. And maybe even good…


Nucleus #3: Why People Cheat?

Doping has been a hot topic at all the Olympics -- and the recently concluded games in Brazil were no exception. A brilliant piece by Sarah Zielinski in Science News for Students takes a comprehensive look at doping in sports from a scientific lens. It's a mu…


Nucleus #2: With Love From Norway

Th​e winners in the astrophysics category--Kip Thorne, Ray Weiss, Ron Drever--​detected gravitational waves ​just ​earlier this year​, almost a 100 years ​after Einstein predicted their existence. Want to know what gravitational waves are? Theoretical physici…


Nucleus #1: Olympics and Gender

When the South African runner Caster Semenya won the women's 800m gold at Rio, her critics renewed the debate about her gender. This New York Times story takes a comprehensive look at the controversy surrounding the athlete. Semenya has been through sex tests…