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Nucleus #6: Tesla, Trump and Rape Culture


Nucleus Mag

January 26 · Issue #6 · View online

Science and Culture Stories Curated by Journalist Dinsa Sachan

How are you? Happy (belated) New Year! 2016 is a wrap and 2017 is turning out to be another exciting year for my two beats as a journalist – science and culture. I know Nucleus Mag issues have been somewhat sporadic, but from now on I will bring you these carefully handpicked science and culture stories every week.
In this issue, let’s catch up on what’s transpired in the worlds of science and culture in the first few weeks of 2017.
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Millions marched around the world for women's equality on Jan 21, 2016.
Millions marched around the world for women's equality on Jan 21, 2016.
Autopilot Crash Wasn't Tesla's Fault, NHTSA Investigation Finds
Thanks to Trump, Scientists Are Going to Run for Office
How to give a C-section baby the potential benefits of vaginal birth
Was it mass molestation? Debate rages over what happened in Bengaluru on New Year's Eve
Study: Men Still Think Women are to Blame for Sexual Assault
Planned Parenthood IUD Demand has Increased by 900 Percent
Have you heard about Symmetry magazine? Two U.S. research laboratories have joined forces to run Symmetry magazine. Its articles explore the intriguing worlds of astronomy and particle physics. If you’re a Higgs Boson enthusiast, you may like this perspective piece on what research into these particles has yielded over the years. I think it’s just the physics magazine we needed.
I am psyched about my first byline of the year. It’s a piece about uncombable hair syndrome in children for Science News for Students. Thankfully, it’s not a serious disorder. Most kids do grow out of it. 
I hope to continue reporting on cutting-edge science this year and breaking into some of the great science publications. 
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