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June 11 · Issue #13 · View online

Science and Culture Stories Curated by Journalist Dinsa Sachan

When I began to learn swimming a few years ago, I had no idea it was going to be so hard. At first.
Every morning at 6 a.m., several swimming coaches jumped into the water and taught young girls like me to float in the shallowest section of an Olympic-sized pool. We used to be hungry and sleep-deprived. Why the heck were we doing this?
I would push my feet off the wall and then kick them frantically for a few seconds. Then as soon I would begin to gasp for air, my feet reached for the floor. #epicfail
Then, one fine morning, something happened – I could float. It was a breakthrough moment. And it came out of nowhere. In two weeks, I was doing several laps of the deepest section of the pool. I was swimming like there was no tomorrow.
That episode has become sort of a metaphor for life. Keep at it. Try different tactics. It happens. When it does happen, it boosts your confidence, and you don’t look back.
In this week’s Nucleus Mag, I decided to curate inspiration – because I was looking for it.  I’m curating some of my favorite science and cultural videos from the treasure trove of TED Talks.

You gotta keep going, right? Photo courtesy:
You gotta keep going, right? Photo courtesy:
Carina Morillo: To understand autism, don't look away
Robert Sapolsky: The biology of our best and worst selves
Lisa Genova: What you can do to prevent Alzheimer's
Peggy Orenstein: What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure
Caroline Paul: To raise brave girls, encourage adventure
Sue Klebold: My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story
Right now, New Delhi and most of northern India is sweltering hot at 46 degree celsius. 
Honestly, it’s a little hard to work in these conditions. So, I’m enjoying a much-needed (and perhaps well-deserved) downtime, before plunging into work with full swing next week.
The TED dose should help. What about you? What inspires you to keep going? Fill me in!
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Dinsa SachanFreelance Science and Culture Journalist
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