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Nucleus #12: Byline Brags






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June 3 · Issue #12 · View online

Science and Culture Stories Curated by Journalist Dinsa Sachan

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t received Nucleus Mag for more than a month, here’s a quick explanation: I’ve been busy filing stories. So busy that I haven’t quite had the time to immerse in any non-work related reading, except for the occasional non-fiction book. Oh, even that reading is meant for a book review.
I’ve got proof. In this week’s Nucleus Mag, I’m sharing my latest bylines. If you had to read one of them, I’d suggest the last story on overthinking.

It feels like a bike race sometimes -- but I'm doing well. (Photo credit:
It feels like a bike race sometimes -- but I'm doing well. (Photo credit:
Citizen media platforms are breaking the silence in India
India's HIV/Aids law may bring relief to a million people
Tweaked germs glow to pinpoint buried landmines
Why do we feel happy when others fail?
How to stop overthinking—and start living
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