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Nucleus #10: Do you see ghosts?


Nucleus Mag

April 7 · Issue #10 · View online

Science and Culture Stories Curated by Journalist Dinsa Sachan

I pride myself for being a rational thinker. Well, most of the time. I have caught myself saying things like this at times: I’ve just landed a big assignment for a renowned publication, but I can’t tell you about it until it’s published because that might jinx it.
This week in Nucleus Mag, I’ll focus on pseudoscience – the quirky world of superstitions, UFOs, ghosts and sham medicine. 

Ghosts are all in your head. Photo credit:
Ghosts are all in your head. Photo credit:
Reject the pseudoscience of homeopathy
Superstitions have evolutionary basis
Pardon our interruption
The truth about the paranormal
The surprising origins of 9 common superstitions
More than 1,000 UFO sightings in Canada in 2016
Beliefs about pregnancy around the world
Have you heard of Walrus magazine? It is an exceptionally well-written magazine out of Canada. Walrus is often touted as Canada’s New Yorker. Two Walrus articles that I enjoyed: how Sunny Leone, a Canadian porn star made it big in Indian movies; and the laborious process of making chocolate.
One of my goals this year is to write longer stories. So far. So good. I’ve just filed a 3,000 word piece – it is the longest article I’ve ever written. As someone who is used to the comfort zone of 750-800 words, this was indeed a feat. *pats self on back* I admit I struggled throughout the process, but I needed to plow through it and get out of my comfort zone.
What have you done this year to move beyond your comfort zone? Please write to me. I reply to every e-mail. :) 
Meanwhile, my latest piece for Science News for Students just went live. I write about a recent study that has linked Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to brain volume. It turns out that kids with this condition have smaller brains. The study has set the record straight on ADHD once again: the condition isn’t caused by bad parenting – it’s a disorder of the brain.
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