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JAC-Dan Monthly Updates - Issue #2

JAC-Dan Monthly Updates
Hey guys, Alain the Treasurer here with an update!

JAC-Dan has a population of at least 23 (last checked a week ago). So the fair was a success, that means plenty of funding for our activities such as the Iron cosplay (basically fully funded from this year’s memberships).
Our first weekly meeting was a bit chaotic (I mean - it had been almost 2 years since our last) but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves never-the-less. We also got at least 4 new memberships on the spot (which is great).
Our second weekly meeting was much less chaotic. The anime we chose for this semester is….
Young insanely powerful psychic boi known as Mob tries to live his life peacefully. Kinda difficult when suppressing his emotions causes his powers to overload. 
Also not helped by his mentor Reigen, a fraudulent psychic using Mob’s real powers to con people. 
And other psychics coming after them. That’s a problem too.
- as described by Gabs
…and as usual our Among Us nights are as eventful as ever! But now we have more players, meaning more chaos!
So we’d like to thank you all first.
Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth weekly meet
Unless we say otherwise all further weekly meets will go ahead as scheduled. Please fill in a track and trace form so we can identify who is around if an outbreak occurs, you can do this at when the form opens (30 minutes before meets) All fields are mandatory since we need to be able to contact you in the event something happens. Not that all replies are stored in our email, processed by the committee and saved in a Google Sheet document in our drive. All data is otherwise stored in Google’s Servers and are subject to Google’s Terms and Conditions. All jokey results will be deleted so please do it properly!
Also, we’ll start taking photos, so please fill in the photo release found at
Don't Forget!
You can still buy your memberships at then hover over sign up and click on Buy A Membership
Doing this makes our events cheaper for you, and keeps us funded for next year!
So, yes, thanks for reading (This one was a bit boring cause there isn’t all that much for me to talk about)
Oh I forgot to mention, there are to be 2 events for this month;
Craft yourself a cosplay, it don’t matter if you’re broke or rich, everyone
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