Notion for Academics

By Monica Rysavy, Ph.D., Ed.D. & Rusty Michalak, MLIS

Tips by us and others about academic productivity with Notion.

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Notion for Academics: Why We Use Notion To Capture Online Content and Connecting those Resources to Projects

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Notion for Academics: Using Notion to Collect Data



Notion for Academics: **A Quick Reminder...**

Hello, A quick note for you today....Recently Rusty & I shared about the launch of our new program, Notion for Academics Academy.Enrollment for the Founders Launch at the $249 rate closes today (11:59 PM EST), December 13. We plan to launch the first form…


Notion for Academics: Using Notion to Manage Projects (including an academic case study!)

A Note from RussellHow to use Notion to Create a Marketing PlanOne of the things we really like about Notion is how flexible it is to use for a variety of projects. Today I’m going to share with you how Monica & I have been using Notion to plan, create, a…


Notion for Academics: **Special Edition!** Notion for Academics Academy is HERE!

Hello,We're breaking from routine today, friends! Normally, we share content with you every two weeks, but this is a special edition of our newsletter because we're sharing some exciting news with you first because you were gracious to invite us into your ema…


Notion for Academics: Tips for Capturing & Sharing Online Content

A Note from RussellHow do you collect and share what you plan to read or what you want a colleague to read in the future? Do you find that you are losing track of links and documents? Do you keep a reading list?I recently started saving documents, webpages, a…


Notion for Academics: Routines & Weekly Previews

A Note from MonicaWhat types of routines do you have in your life these days? Have you found yourself modifying or developing new routines since COVID?The past several months have been all about developing new routines for us. First, I was establishing my fam…


The Productive Academic - Issue #1

Inspiration from other Notion users we've spotted online...