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Notion for Academics: Tips for Capturing & Sharing Online Content

November 15 · Issue #3 · View online
Notion for Academics
My name is Russell Michalak & I’m one half of Notion for Academics. My research partner, Monica Rysavy, and I are partners in Rysavy & Michalak Consultants (
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The Notion Web Clipper
A Note from Russell
How do you collect and share what you plan to read or what you want a colleague to read in the future? Do you find that you are losing track of links and documents? Do you keep a reading list?
I recently started saving documents, webpages, and other content I find online (about 3 items a day; more on that later) with the Notion Web Clipper (a Chrome extension).
What did we do before?
Prior to the pandemic, Monica and my offices at the College where we worked were physically located next to each other and we collaborated on many college-wide initiatives. We often shared articles or web resources with each other to read while working on these projects.
I usually used Slack to share content that I was finding online. I typically added the resource link to the Slack channel that was most relevant to the topic. Unfortunately, these resources were often quickly buried by the mountain of conversations that take place amongst our team members in Slack. I also frequently emailed these online resources to Monica. I found that there was a similar problem with sharing by email - Monica received many emails and often found these resource emails similarly buried under the flood of daily messages she receives.
How am I sharing resources now?
As I shared above, I’m now using the Notion Web Clipper to capture online content. When I find something interesting online that I’d like to share or refer to later, I use this Chrome extension to send the content to one of several Notion databases, like our Scholarship Resources database (see screenshot below).
While I’ve only been use the Notion Clipper for a brief period of time, I’ve already recognized several benefits as compared to how I was sharing content before (Slack and Email). Monica and I are now collaborating over resources using one “reading list” (Scholarship Resources database), we can tag one another on the resources so the other is alerted when content is added that we want reviewed, and we’re able to tag the resource content with status tags such as Not Read, Reviewed, and/or Follow-Up.
My favorite feature of using the web clipper to capture content into Notion is that the resources added to the Scholarship Resources database in Notion can be easily linked to specific Scholarship projects in Notion. This means we aren’t searching for resources when we need them later as we are using a relationship field to pull the resources into the appropriate projects. We can do this with tasks as well. 
How are you saving content online? </h2>
Have you tried using the Notion Web Clipper? We’d love to hear how you are using Notion to save your online content. 
Notion Curation
Interesting resources we’ve found online recently related to Notion.
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Notion Templates
Speed up your workflow with a professionally designed Notion template that you can modify for your next project.
Notion Academic Portfolio Template
Research & Notes Dashboard Notion Template
Research & Notes Dashboard Notion Template
Need help organizing all your academic articles, book chapters, other research material, and notes for research projects, school assignments, and/or personal interests? Check out our Research & Notes Dashboard Notion template by visiting:
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