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Notion for Academics: **Special Edition!** Notion for Academics Academy is HERE!

November 22 · Issue #4 · View online
Notion for Academics
We’re breaking from routine today, friends! Normally, we share content with you every two weeks, but this is a special edition of our newsletter because we’re sharing some exciting news with you first because you were gracious to invite us into your email box. Thank you for that!
Today we’re launching the first cohort (The “Founders Launch”, but more about that in a moment) of the Notion for Academics Academy!
For several months, we’ve been getting private messages from people who have reached out to us with questions like “is there a way to learn more about how you use Notion?” or “how are you publishing and presenting so much? I want to learn how to do that too!”
The more questions we got like this, the more our wheels began turning. We began to consider how we could share our proven methods and system with other academic administrators, faculty, and graduate students interested in learning how to: (1) Connect their goals with their academic projects, (2) Streamline planning (and tracking) of projects and tasks, (3) Use Notion as a central hub for all of this.
We decided the best way to do this was to offer something more than the typical 100% asynchronous (go at your own pace) types of programs that are out there on other topics. Those programs often provide limited, if any, individualized support. Because we know that we needed more support when we started using Notion, so we are committed to providing that support to you too.
Our Invitation to You…
So here’s what we’re doing: In February 2021, we are officially launching the Notion for Academics Academy (start date of early March 2021). Our current ideas, while nearing completion, are still rough around the edges. They are definitely not perfect (yet), and there are many things we still need to work out. However, our vision is there. So here’s why we’d love to extend an early invitation to you.
We’d love for you to be part of this…especially if you are willing to help us shape the future of Notion for Academics Academy.
What does this mean? 
If you are willing to join us as a founding member and you’re willing to contribute ideas on how we can make this THE best online program to support academic administrators and faculty with their goals with Notion, we’re willing to extend a very favorable “founding member” price. When this program officially launches in February 2021, we anticipate the starting price to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 (which will be a no brainer given that we’ll be guiding students step-by-step through the process of designing their professional and personal productivity systems in Notion with weekly live support).
Here’s the best part though…
Join us today as a founding member and your price is $249.
You will receive lifetime updates to the course moving forward. So as we incorporate your valuable ideas into the Notion for Academics Academy moving forward, you will receive all updates added to the course AND you’ll continue to have access to the Notion for Academics Academy Community where you can collaborate with both of us and all the members of the Founding Members Cohort, and cohorts to come.
Interested? We hope so!
Questions? Let us know!
Email us directly by writing
Thank you for your time, for your interest in our work, and have a great day!
Monica & Rusty

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