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We’re a cheeky little news bulletin for North Staffordshire. Constructive and solutions-focused, we share news-in-brief of positive things happening locally.
Jerome - The Editor
(Cover photo: Westport Lake, © Jerome Whittingham @photomoments)

Fascinating Finds are out there. What's yours?
Fascinating Finds ebook will collate and share the wonders of Nature captured across the UK.
Fascinating Finds ebook will collate and share the wonders of Nature captured across the UK.
The editor enjoyed a walk round Westport Lake this week with Jake, Director of Human Nature, a CIC which organises ‘well-being escapes’. He spoke of their next ebook project - Fascinating Finds.
“We’re always intrigued by what we find or discover on our walks into the natural landscape. We often come across found objects or land features that intrigue us, and end up going away from the walk with a little bit of homework, needing to do some follow-up research.
"So we thought ‘fascinating finds’ might be a great concept for a new co-created e-book project. Like our previous e-books, we’re inviting our existing followers and collaborators, plus any new ‘Friends with Human-Nature’ who might like to join in with contributions.
"We’re looking for appealing photos taken in situ, which give a sense of intrigue, wonder, or indicate something that you found fascinating — whether that’s finding a fossil when beachcombing, stumbling across something unusual on the forest floor, clambering up an interesting rock formation, noticing something special in a nature pattern, or spotting something peculiar about the weather conditions.”
It’s time to check your phone’s camera roll, or get out there and find something new!
Share your photo, and fascinating facts about your find, with Human Nature on twitter or instagram: @HNEscapesCIC.
Use the hashtag #FascinatingFinds.
Jake said: “We’ll select the most intriguing images and most fascinating facts, collating them over the coming months into a new ‘free-to-read’ e-book, to be enjoyed by all who contributed, as well as being shared with new readers as a valuable information and wellbeing resource. Happy exploring, finding, and discovering!”
Are you ageing actively?
ACE research project is looking into the mobility of older people in the city. Photo: Alex Rotas.
ACE research project is looking into the mobility of older people in the city. Photo: Alex Rotas.
A new study aimed at improving mobility in older adults is launching in Stoke-on-Trent, led by scientists from the University of Birmingham.
Researcher Katie Chatwin told North Staffs News: “We’re looking for 200 people over 65 years old in Stoke-on-Trent to take part. The study is designed for older adults who are starting to find everyday activities such as getting up from a chair, climbing the stairs, or walking to the shops harder than they used to be. If that sounds like you, a family member or friend, we’d love you to get in touch.”
Called ACE: Active, Connected and Engaged, the study will pair people 65 and above with a volunteer buddy, themselves 55+ years, for six months. The pair will choose some local activities to try out together. It could be an exercise class, dancing, knit and natter, a choir or just a local walk.
Katie said: “If you’d like more information about taking part, or about becoming one of our volunteers, please contact me on 07442 989155, email, or visit our website: ACE, Active, Connected, Engaged.
Before you ask, the editor is just a little too young and youthful to take part.
Kidsgrove community group secure a sporty future
Kidsgrove Sports Centre, work is underway as new community group secure lease.
Kidsgrove Sports Centre, work is underway as new community group secure lease.
Kidsgrove Sports Centre Community Group, a charity founded to operate the town’s sports centre, has been successful in securing a sporty future for local residents.
Mark Clews, Chair of the group, told North Staffs News: “We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Newcastle Borough Council to lease the Sports Centre for the next 25 years. This places the ownership of centre once again in the hands of the community.
"The Sports Centre, reopening in Spring, will provide affordable, accessible community leisure for all. The centre will feature a 25m swimming pool, large sports hall, enlarged gym, alongside dedicated spin and dance studios.
"As well as promoting physical health, the centre will also build social and mental well-being via the inclusion of a community digital hub. Funding from the National Lottery Community Fund will enable the installation of Wi-Fi throughout the centre, alongside resources and sessions delivered with the aim of addressing the growing digital divide.
"As a community operated charitable centre, every pound spent in Kidsgrove Sports Centre will be reinvested back into Kidsgrove Sports Centre. This very much places the community at the heart of the centre.”
Mindful artist takes to YouTube to share positivity
alou (uh-lu)✨

The time has finally come where I feel I’d like to delve into the world of Youtube a little more - in response to happiness and all of the things in life that make people feel good.

With that said, what makes you feel good?

Do you follow artist Amy on twitter and other social media? The editor does, and finds her stream of positivity a breath of fresh air.
Amy’s now embracing YouTube too, with a bit of practice, and she’s looking to share her mindful positivity more widely. We’re happy to support this.
“After being inspired by so many story-tellers, old and new, via the world of Youtube,” said Amy. “I feel that the time has finally come where I feel I’d like to delve into the world of Youtube a little more myself - in response to happiness and all of the things in life that make people feel good.
"With the delivery of my first ever Mindful Moods boxes (self-care and creativity boxes sent through the post) to take place within the next week, I’m also on the lookout to hear from you if you feel that you’ve got recommendations on products or services which encourage self-care or creativity in any form.”
Do you? If you have any recommendations that you think are worth sharing about via the world of Youtube feel free to pop Amy a message via She looks forward to hearing from you.
CREATE Fund to bring new businesses and ideas to the city centre
The city centre, Hanley. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.
The city centre, Hanley. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.
Stoke-on-Trent City Centre Business Improvement District (BID) is pleased to launch a fourth round of its CREATE Fund, inviting local businesses, organisations, community groups and individuals to apply for a share of £30,000, for the funding of business & creative ideas bringing benefits to the city centre.
5 x £3000 awards will be given to innovative business ideas, and the same amount for creative arts projects.
The CREATE Fund is designed for applicants who already have a strongly developed idea for a city centre business idea, but need a small amount of revenue funding to develop, test and launch their initiative.
Stoke-on-Trent City Centre BID Manager Richard Buxton said: “We know there’s lots of creative and passionate people out there, and often they just need a small stepping stone to allow them to transform their ideas into reality.
“The great thing about the CREATE Fund is that we’re open to a huge variety of ideas. Whether applicants have an idea for: a zero-waste mini-market; a specialised cardboard collection for city centre businesses and recycling; a space to offer meditation workshops or pottery workshops; a small store specialising in pasta; or perhaps they are already a city centre business owner but need a piece of equipment to help them develop their offering; or if you have something totally different in mind, we’re listening!”
The BID is accepting initial applications until February 28th, where stage one successful applicants will be selected and asked to prepare a more detailed plan for submission.
Plans will be judged in April with finalists invited to present before a Final Selection Panel.
Applications can be made by downloading the forms found on the BID’s website at:
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