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2 inspiring women, potential and hopefulness

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Martine at Burslem's Hourglass gym looks beyond fitness to see other potential in her ladies too
Martine Greenwell, director and trainer at Hourglass Performance Training, Burslem. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.
Martine Greenwell, director and trainer at Hourglass Performance Training, Burslem. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.
Martine Greenwell, director and trainer at Hourglass Performance Training in Burslem, is an inspiring woman.
The editor paid a visit to the gym to learn more about Martine’s mission to empower local women.
Martine said: “There are women here with so much potential and they just don’t have any self-belief. When you start training them, and they start physically becoming stronger and fitter and more confident, it’s like, ‘why don’t you do this?’ ‘Oh, never thought that.’ ‘Why don’t you do that? She can help you with that.’ And that’s what the women here do.”
Listen to the podcast to hear how Martine has helped women to start up businesses, supported women through domestic violence, and created a community gym focused on kindness and other strengths.
Her work helping women through the horrors of domestic violence is particularly impressive. Martine and other staff at the gym undertook training so that the gym could become a ‘domestic violence workplace hub’.
Martine told the editor: “I have a lot of women that come in with no confidence, they walk in, with their head down, you hear them speak about how they’re being spoken to at home and you just think wow, she doesn’t know that’s not right.”
Self-belief is the key to people’s success, according to Martine.
“Self-belief, yeah, and a good support system. A lot of women don’t have a support system, or they’re looking after kids, they’re looking after husbands, and they’re not looking after themselves. They forget who they are.”
Time spent in the company of such a positively-minded person has delivered benefits for so many women who’ve visited the gym in its six years of trading.
Business doesn’t always have to be about cash in the bank, there’s currency in other measures too.
Art for Peace exhibition opens at Keele University Art Gallery
The exhibition 'Art for Peace' by artist Alison Lochhead, explores the impact of war and conflict upon humanity. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.
The exhibition 'Art for Peace' by artist Alison Lochhead, explores the impact of war and conflict upon humanity. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.
Kerry Jones from ArtsKeele writes:
Alison Lochhead is an artist whose work explores the impact war and conflict has on the world and the environment, the destruction of livelihoods, identities, securities, homes, the migrations, the inhumanities and the hopes of change. Alison works with heat and materials from the earth; iron, clay, rocks, oxides and has recently created a series of paintings.
An exhibition of paintings and a selection of sculptures are on display at Keele University Art Gallery, Chancellor’s Building and Chapter’s Café at Keele University Campus from Friday 6 May until 27 June.
The exhibition will continue in Appetite’s Newcastle Common and Astley Walk, Newcastle-under-Lyme, from 24th May to 25th June 2022.
There will be sculptures about the unimaginable journeys people have to endure to try to find safety from conflict; sculptures about the attempted destruction of identities through bombing of libraries and the layered memories of conflict and the repetition of war.
Visitors to the exhibition on preview night.
Visitors to the exhibition on preview night.
Artist Alison Lochhead said: “Today there are over 78 conflicts happening in the world; people need to find safety. Now Ukraine, the impact on the whole world is immense, and seems to only feed into increased military ambitions; rather than how to continue to strive to gain global peace.
“So many people have grievances from previous wars and oppressions…the invasion of Ukraine just fuels that anger and wanting revenge; on many sides. All those decades of working at a global peaceful strategy, overturned in a moment.
"How do we stop this aggression?
"There are scores of conflicts and wars taking place throughout the world now. Yet people are desperately trying to survive, enjoy living and bring up children in a world which they hoped would be better than the one they grew up in.”
Alongside the exhibition there will be several special events including a concert with Syrian musician and composer Maya Youssef on Monday the 6th June 2022, 7pm in Keele Chapel.
For more information or contact
The editor found Alison’s paintings to be surprisingly bright and colourful, for a topic that can be so dark and oppressive. Alison explained her painting technique. She retires to her workshop after watching the news and vents her frustration and other emotions at the blank canvas. So, there’s real energy in her brushstrokes. And the bright colours? They reveal Alison’s hopefulness. There’s always hope that the world can be a better place.
Jerome Whittingham
I whipped up to @ArtsKeele to preview Alison Lochhead’s Art for Peace. Surprisingly colourful canvases for artworks on war, displacement & inhumanities on humanity. Turns out we both lived in Lampeter & have common acquaintances! Ali’s sculptures come to @appetitestoke this month
Whilst we’re on the subject of exhibition openings, here’s an announcement about the next show at AirSpace Gallery in Hanley.
AirSpace Gallery
Our next exhibition - Tracy Hill's Ephemeral Bodies - opening May 13 6-8pm
Jerome Whittingham
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