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Sharing positive news & exploring solutions to issues.

We're the vitamins, not the fibre, in your local news diet.

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Also, get in touch if you have news to share or an issue to explore. The editor is happy to visit you on-site for podcast interviews face-to-face, or can record online too.

Editor: Jerome Whittingham

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Back to the Barracks

The editor caught this engaging little exhibition whilst in town (Newcastle, that is) this morning.You'll have to be quick to catch it though, it closes tomorrow - Saturday 14th, 11am to 3pm at Appetite's Newcastle Common arts venue on High Street.


2 inspiring women, potential and hopefulness

Martine Greenwell, director and trainer at Hourglass Performance Training in Burslem, is an inspiring woman.The editor paid a visit to the gym to learn more about Martine's mission to empower local women.


North Staffs News - another arty one.

From our new 5 MINUTES WITH... 'rolling news' podcast seriesWe chatted with FRONTLINEdance Ltd a couple of weeks ago about their work across North Staffordshire. They now have news of a special project to mark the Queen’s Jubilee, and they’re looking for danc…


BIDding for your attention.

This week, news of two initiatives from North Staffs' two Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) hit the editor's inbox. The first is an event, bringing a popular live music event back after a two-year lull. The second is an action plan to clean-up Hanley reta…


The Editor's Blog - What's it all about?

“Constructive journalism is an emerging domain within journalism. It involves reporting solution-focused news, instead of only negative and conflict-based stories. Reporting what is going well, people are more able to create a realistic view of the world. Con…


We're always first on the dance floor.

In this in-depth podcast interview for North Staffs News, artistic director of FRONTLINEdance Ltd, Rachael Lines, tells us all about the work of this local contemporary dance company.Rachael shares a great deal of insight into how the arts have a real positiv…


PHOTO STORY: A free lunch.

This week, in his day job, Jerome attended Appetite's creative Lunch Club for people relatively new to Newcastle-under-Lyme, people finding refuge here actually.Appetite is an Arts Council England funded creative people and places project in North Staffordshi…


Maps in March and more.

Appetite, Arts Council England's creative people and places project in North Staffordshire, has commissioned five local artists to create new Maps in March, illustrating different aspects of Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre.The editor dragged two of the artis…


Burslem restaurateurs' beautiful response to the evils of Putin's war.

It’s day twelve of Putin’s War. Nearly two million people have fled Ukraine, crossing the borders to neighbouring countries, seeking safety and refuge. Thousands more have been displaced internally. Yet more are too frightened or too frail to move from their …


I made a daisy! With ceramics artist Rita Floyd.

Or read the full interview below...


Why don't you...

Staffordshire University has been celebrating the opening of its flagship new building on its Leek Road campus this week. There has been a wide programme of public events all week. But this weekend you're invited to the big event - a 'Community Spectacular' o…


Be a Camerado

A new local project, the ‘Potteries Camerados’, is opening on Tuesday 1st March, at the Geek Retreat, Hanley.Fiona Wood, who's working to establish the project locally, explains what it's all about:"The pandemic has shown us that even when life is ‘pants’, we…


Stoke museums, Council amends its proposals

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has today issued a statement commenting on the recent public consultation as it sets its 2022/23 budget.In particular, council leader Cllr Abi Brown outlines the response to residents' concerns regarding the proposed changes and cl…


PODCAST: The Depository of the Dull.

The editor once owned a perfect potato masher. He bought it secondhand, from an open-air market, whilst on a nest-building date with his wife-to-be, back in the 1990s. It mashed perfectly, without getting potato caught in its framework. Brilliant design.The e…


Marvellous, it certainly will be.

We're delighted to share further news of this exhibition, and we're sure it's going to be a popular event! Details below - get them in your diary!


REACTION: The fire at The Leopard, Burslem.

Annette Cartlidge represents Our Burslem, an online community group and movement of local people actively advocating for Burslem, the Mother Town of The Potteries.Annette wrote:I can’t describe how helpless I felt when I met June (June Cartwright, founder Our…


Showing we care for your well-being, of course we do

The editor enjoyed a walk round Westport Lake this week with Jake, Director of Human Nature, a CIC which organises 'well-being escapes'. He spoke of their next ebook project - Fascinating Finds."We’re always intrigued by what we find or discover on our walks …


On walls and in windows.

Newcastle's Brampton Museum and Art Gallery is set to partially reopen this weekend, welcoming visitors to its first exhibition in the new Jim Wain Courtyard Gallery space.The museum has been closed for the last 18 months. Thanks to funding from the National …


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