Tips for the working traveler

Tips for the working traveler

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Value Japan/Fast Lao Trains/Italy Incentives

Value in JapanNomadico partner Kevin Kelly traveled to Japan soon after it reopened recently and says, "Everyone thinks Japan is expensive, but it is not really. And these days with a weak yen, it is definitely not. It might even be cheap for some." Most arti…


Giving Thanks/Bites of History/Crazy Cap

Giving ThanksToday is Thanksgiving in the USA. Seth Godin released The Thanksgiving Reader back in 2015 to focus on gratitude as a group project, kind of like a Passover Seder but without all the references to suffering. If it's too woo-woo for your family, y…


Checked Bag Economics/Multi-charger/Airline Fines

Checking or Not Checking, a More Fluid QuestionThis week I flew from Mexico City to Bangkok on Air Emirates (excellent) and a few days later, from Bangkok to Phuket on Air Asia (not too bad). These very different airlines had one thing in common: a 7kg limit …


Golden Visa Sunset/Monkey Tool/Baller Bangkok

The End of Portugal's Golden Visa?Take a sunny European country, incentivize rich people to move there to get an EU passport, and then kick back and watch the money flow in. Portugal wasn't the first to try this ploy, but perhaps it worked too well there: the…


Nomad Visa Guide/White Lotus 2/Side Effects

Digital Nomad Visa GuideSometimes it takes one person to pull together info that's in a lot of different places to enable easy comparisons. That's the case with the site. You can sort and filter 12 real (so far) digital nomad visas aimed at …


Flexible Glue/Cool Neighborhoods/Vagabonding

Flexible Fix-it PacketsI first read about the product Sugru in the Recomendo newsletter run by my partners Kevin, Mark, and Claudia. It has since become a favorite gift and a fix-almost-anything item that is easy to travel with on adventure trips. It's basica…


Portugal's Nomad Visa/Epicka adapter/Upcoming Conferences

Portugal's Nomad Visa Coming October 30Two notable nomad visas go live in the next two weeks: one from Colombia that has a very low income requirement and one from Portugal that requires earnings of a minimum 2,750 euros per month. The latter gives you access…


Open Japan/Collaboration Myths/Unusual Coliving

Japan is Open AgainAfter the longest shutdown stretch of almost any country, Japan is welcoming everyone to its country again. The bad news is, you've got some complicated and confusing forms to fill out, so set aside some time. The good news is, the yen is a…


Colombia's Welcome/Buying Residency/Luggage Security Hack

Colombia's Digital Nomad Visa About to DropI spent some time talking to expats and nomads in Medellin last month and they're all expecting a new wave to join them after Colombia's digital nomad visa becomes reality on October 22. This one is notable because a…


Georgia Influx/Waiting on Bali/Electric Travel Toothbrush

Huge Influx Into GeorgiaYou might want to put off that move to Tbilisi for a while. Rents in the country of Georgia started going up as soon as Russia invaded Ukraine and those with the means to leave Russia did so in droves. Last week it got worse when Putin…


World's coolest streets/theft-proof bags/5 hours by train

The World's Coolest Streets?TimeOut surveyed 20,000 city dwellers to find the coolest streets in the world. I had just spent the day walking along one of them (in Medellin) when I saw this, but it turns out I've only explored a fraction of the rest in my trav…


No Love for Offices/Packable Backpacks/Nomad Conferences

Almost Nobody Misses Office CubiclesThe majority of people can put up with a hybrid work situation, but almost nobody wants to work full-time in an office they drive to it seems, according to a new Gallup poll. "A mere 6% want to work entirely on-site going f…


Toiletry Kits/European Train Journeys/WeNomad

Hanging Toiletry Kits in Two SizesOne thing I always pack in my actual suitcase/backpack (and not my laptop bag) is a hanging toiletry kit that doesn't depend on having ample counter space. I have two different sizes: a small Sea to Summit one for carry-ons a…


Digital Nomads Welcome/180 Days as a Tourist/Side Hustles

Welcome Mats for Digital NomadsIt seems that digital nomad visas have gone mainstream. Yours truly was quoted in an article about the trend in Reader's Digest yesterday. The Wall Street Journal highlighted a more localized movement beyond that where smaller t…


Van Conversions/Office Backlash/Negotiating Hotel Discounts

Remote Work Country RankingsThe recently released Global Remote Work Index from Nordlayer is mostly only useful for the overall rankings if you're wealthy or you're getting a corporate transfer: the data it focuses on tends to favor expensive developed countr…


Historic Weather Patterns/Living Cost Estimates/Onward Tickets

Historic Weather PatternsWhat's the weather in [city] like in [month]? This is a key question to ask before you start booking plane tickets. The best source I've found is Weatherbase, which has historical information for nearly 42,000 cities. For a Thai islan…


Celiac Cards/Nomadlist/Creative Middle Class

The Tipping Point for Remote WorkMalcolm Gladwell didn't exactly come off like a future-looking thought leader last week when he lumped all remote workers together as isolated loners sitting behind a desk in their pajamas. Sounding like a cranky old boss who …


Nomad Reality/Laptop Sun Shade/24-Hour Bus Rides

Digital Nomad RealityWe like to see a dose of reality now and then to offset the hype over location-independent work and travel. This Micropreneur article on The Digital Nomad Scam is a good splash of cold water, stating, "Being a digital nomad is not a job. …


Remote Jobs/Intl. Real Estate/Shorter Zoom Calls

Remote Job BoardsIf you're not running your own business, we mentioned in an earlier newsletter as a place to look for remote-only positions. If you're not finding a good match yet there for your skill set, this article lists other places to …


Weak Yen/Pickpocket-Proof Pants/Free Hotel Stays

Time to Check Out Japan?The Japanese yen dropped to 137 to the U.S. dollar this week, a level we haven't seen since the 1990s. (It is also at a 6-year low vs. the euro.) Japan is normally an expensive destination to visit, so this could widen its appeal once …