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Digital Nomad History/Plan B Residences/Remote Jobs Board



May 18 · Issue #1 · View online

Tips for the working traveler

Thanks for joining us for the very first issue! Your host will be Tim Leffel. He is the author of A Better Life for Half the Price: How to thrive on less money in the cheapest places to live, now in its second edition. His home base is Guanajuato, Mexico. He has circled the globe multiple times and lived in Turkey and South Korea. He has run the Cheapest Destinations Blog since 2003 and also serves as editor of Perceptive Travel, a home for narrative stories from published book authors, where Kevin Kelly once appeared

History of digital nomads
How did we get here? James Clark of Nomadic Notes did a deep dive into the history of digital nomads. It starts with Arthur C. Clarke predicting in 1964 that people would be working remotely from Bali through the present day. In this audio interview on the Tropical MBA podcast, his pick for the “technology that changed everything” after the internet arrived might surprise you. 
Latest updates on Plan B Residencies
Nomads take many forms, but one camp is trying to hedge against catastrophes, be nimble with their assets, and keep a foot in multiple places just in case. Check out this episode of the Expat Money Podcast for current news and strategies on that front: Plan B Residencies and Second Citizenship Updates.
Largest remote hiring platform
Much of the popular media focus on digital nomads was on bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers…until the pandemic hit. Many “normal jobs” have become remote positions. Trade a commute and a cubicle for location independence with the remote-only postings at Dynamite Jobs.
American Airline credit card benefits
We’re big fans of travel company credit cards that earn you free flights or hotels, and which one is for you can be a whole article or two. But if you spend a lot of time flying on American Airlines, a recent policy change could be a game-changer. Using one of their branded credit cards can now earn you points toward elite status, starting at dollar one. Spend enough and you could get upgraded to the front of the plane now and then next year with no extra cost. Get one from Citi or Barclays.

Written and Edited by Tim Leffel. We are open to reader recommendations. Send your suggestions by replying to this email.

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