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NoCode Weekly

February 12 · Issue #6 · View online

A weekly update on the world of NoCode!

I want to start this issue by recognizing the amazing community of NoCode enthusiasts out there! Y'all are an amazing bunch and great things are starting to happen in the space. It’s a fantastic time to not want to be a programmer!

Noloco is a funny name but their playground is awesome!!
The Noloco Playground
The Noloco Playground
Build web-apps without code - Noloco
No Code Sports
Tim Bomboir 🍁
How I Built A Fully Functioning Online Store in 1 Hour (Complete Instructions)
Ry Mawby
I think #NoCode is great and I use it to fill in the gaps of my skillset or manage things I don't want to manage. But man I still love to code. I think being able to do both is fantastic - I can fill in the gaps of #nocode apps and they can do the same for me.
Xavier Coiffard
3 months ago I gave myself a challenge:

🎁Build and ship 6 products in 6 months.

I'm halfway there, here is what I learned so far 👇

#buildinpublic #nocode #indiehackers
Arvil on Twitter: "There's so much history in the #NoCode space - great overview by the team at @SapphireVC"
The Myth of “No Code” Software (Part I) | Mind Matters The Myth of “No Code” Software (Part I) | Mind Matters
SAP buys 'no-code' specialist AppGyver in cloud push | Reuters
Final Word...
Finally, if you’ve made it this far, I wanted to share a couple of things. You’ll see above a screenshot of our twitter engagement and I’m thrilled to share that NoCode Weekly is growing quicker than I had ever anticipated. Just 8 days after hitting 💯subscribers, we’re already at 172!! 🚀
If you follow us on Twitter, thank you! 🙏
Also, we’re planning a podcast that will feature the best of NoCode technology and people. You could help me by replying with some topics that you’d like to hear on a NoCode podcast.
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