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Nocode Essentials #9 - Find your Mentor 🤝

May 3 · Issue #9 · View online
Nocode Essentials
Hey no-coders 🤜🤛
Today we are talking about the importance of getting helped along your maker journey. The nocode space is getting larger everyday with new nocode tools to build websites, web and mobile apps, automations and so on.
Whether you’re a beginner or already have some experience in nocoding, keep in mind that the nocode community is an incredible asset when it comes to validating your ideas and improving your skills.
Other makers will help you go next level and get better at shaping your ideas, finding the right tools to use, creating a converting landing page, building your MVP, marketing your product etc.
The nocode community is one of the most helpful ones you can find and you definitely have to leverage it to find your next mentors.
In this issue, you will get:
  • ✅ An exclusive teaser of NocodeMentors, the platform to book 1-on-1 video calls with the best nocode experts
  • ✅ A list of the best places and communities where to find help with nocode
  • ✅ The classic roundup with inspiring articles, templates, tutorials and tools
Let’s get to it 👇
PS: last issue’s most clicked link was, the nocode platform for internal tools.

🤝 Find your Nocode Mentor
Nocode Mentors
As you may know, I have been part of the Nocode Rumble and working with Sarkis to build a platform dedicated to helping makers find their mentors.
The launch have been a bit delayed but it is on its way (stay tuned)!
This platform will help you browse through a (short) list of the very best nocode makers and easily book a 1-on-1 video call with them. All these mentors have been vetted for their expertise and their ability to teach you what you need.
The best part of it, you will not need to subscribe or to create an account to get access to the whole platform (although this may change in the future).
Here is a sneak peek of the mentors that you will be able to reach out to (if you are following the nocode movement, you should be able to recognize at least some of them).
Mentors on NocodeMentors
Mentors on NocodeMentors
Subscribe here to be notified when it goes live: 👉
Places to find help with nocode
First things first, you may already know this but the nocode movement is happening on Twitter. If you are not there yet, create an Twitter account now! Then follow the #nocode hashtag and lists like this one.
Connect with these people, give meaningful feedback and ask for help when you need some.
Depending on what you need help with, you should check out and join these places too:
You won’t believe how helpful theses communities are. Don’t be shy and give them a try.
🌎 Whats'up in the nocode world?
No-code founders are on the rise. Are they making money?
How Kacper Staniul built a growth marketing database with Airtable and Gumroad
Get an out of the box Nocode Template
How to build any web app with Nocode
The 6 best zaps to supercharge your sales process
Build a Social Media Planner using Airtable and Integromat
Blocs Website Builder
Supercharge your Notion docs
😥 That's it for today
Don’t forget that you can access all past issues from the profile page, and if you missed issue #8, here is the link too: Nocode Essentials #8 - Nocode isn’t just for side businesses 📈
Have a great week, stay safe and #gonocode!
Quentin from NocodeEssentials ✌️
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