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Nocode Essentials #8 - Nocode isn't just for side businesses 📈

April 21 · Issue #8 · View online
Nocode Essentials
Hi no-code makers 🤜🤛
Many of us now have more time to spend on new projects and nocode is empowering a majority of new makers who are deep diving into this whole new world.
The Nocode movement is emerging as a new trend to help anyone start a side project or a side business, especially during the particular times we are facing.
But nocode isn’t just for side businesses. A lot of companies can actually benefit from the power of nocode to build internal tools and speed up their processes. Some others can use it for growth purposes with ‘side project marketing’ for example.
Today’s main focus will be the other side of nocode, where companies (and you as an employee) can use nocode to level up their businesses.
In this issue you’ll get:
  • Tools and stories that demonstrate the benefits of nocode to drive business growth and better internal processes.
  • A fresh roundup of what’s hot in the nocode world with inspiring projects and tools.
  • A few nocode freebies offered by awesome members of the community.
Let’s get to it 👇
PS: last issue’s most clicked link was the Introduction to video tutorial by Kieran Ball.

🚀 Nocode for better companies
1️⃣ Internal custom tools
Some new nocode tools (or nocode branded tools) are focusing on helping teams within companies to build internal tools and scale their operations.
Whether it’s a simple button to reset user passwords or a complex tool to audit data across multiple databases, platforms like or allow companies to benefit internally from the power of nocode.
If you are working in a tech company, these tools might be the perfect solution to free up valuable engineering time. 👇 - You've got other things to build
Retool – build internal tools fast
2️⃣ ‘Side project marketing’ case
Here’s another way for companies to empower their teams with nocode: ‘Side project marketing’.
I found out about this concept when reading Pat Walls’ blog post in which he explains how he got about 200 signups for his main project thanks to a very simple internal side project.
Pat is the founder of Pigeon for Gmail (and Starter Story), a powerful CRM and automation suite built inside Gmail. He got a side project idea that would serve as a powerful marketing asset and help him acquire new leads, generate sales and awareness.
In a matter of hours, he built How to say no which is a directory of email templates for ‘how to say no’ (obviously something that resonates well with Pigeon’s target audience).
This usecase is very inspiring and many companies should implement such a side project mindset.
Find out the whole story and the more info about this side project right below. 👇
Funny story, Pat is a developer and he built it with actual code. But the simplicity of the idea and the project makes it easily doable without code thanks to tools like Sheet2site, Table2site, or even Webflow.
Side Project Marketing in 36 Hours - Pat Walls
How to say no.
3️⃣ Also…
…here’s an inspiring article that sums up the benefits of nocode for business growth.
Benefits of No-Code and Low-Code Platform for Business Growth
🌎 What's up in the Nocode World?
Demo Day - Nocode Rumble
Nocode HQ 2.0 is out!
New Nocode bootcamp classes by Bubble
Makerpad launches its own Podcast
Airtable new integrations
🎁 Some cool freebies
Webflow free template by Mackenzie Child
The Essential Guide to Airtable is Now Free
😥 That's it for today
I hope you got inspired by all theses resources wether you are a solo maker, an entrepreneur or an employee.
Don’t hesitate to share it with whoever may benefit from those insights (sharing is caring). 🙏
I’ve added a simple way for you to share the word with a simple tweet right below.
Have a great week, stay safe and #gonocode!
Quentin from NocodeEssentials ✌️
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#nocode isn’t just for side businesses. Companies can actually benefit from the power of nocode to build internal tools and speed up their processes. Others can use it for growth purposes with ‘side project marketing’. (via @NocodeEss)
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