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Nocode Essentials #6 - No-code Vs. Covid-19 💥🥊

March 22 · Issue #6 · View online
Nocode Essentials
Hi no-code makers 🤜🤛
Before anything, I hope that you are all finding the strength to hanging in there through this difficult time. Remember that we are all in this and that we have to support each other.
No-code appears to be a magical thing that we can all use to help the world and build projects to help people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic or by the protective measures taken.
The speed of development is a real strength and we have to take advantage of it.
No-code maker Kieran Ball already helped a lot by sharing a list of problems anyone can help with thanks to no-code tools. Here is what might inspire you:
  • Social isolation
  • People not isolating enough
  • People needing food/supplies delivered
  • Businesses/industries failing
  • Jobs lost/mass unemployment
  • Effect on mental health
  • Child/children at home driving their parents mad 😅
  • Lack of education/stimulation for kids
  • People getting overweight from lack of exercise
To help you get things done…
…if you want to create something that helps with one of these problems, here are the resources you’ll get is this issue:
Free plans for makers to use tools for their Covid-19 related projects.
✅ A list great initiatives to learn while you are at home and collaborate on projects fighting the Coronavirus.
✅ Awesome examples of no-code projects that were built in a few days to provide support and solutions to people affected by the situation.
Let’s get to it 👇
PS: last issue’s most clicked link was the NocodeRumble website (follow the adventure on NocodeRumble’s Twitter account).

🎁 Special Offers for Makers to Fight the COVID-19
Bubble is offering special FREE app plans
A note from Zapier to COVID-19 responders
Create a free marketplace to help those affected by Covid-19
Makerpad - COVID help
🚀 Great Initiatives to Get Something Done
Joshua Tiernan - Collaborate to fight Covid-19
Bram Kanstein - NocodeMVP
Jayden Szekely - Covid-19 Virtual Hackathon
🙌 No-code Projects in Response to COVID-19
What you need to know about COVID-19
Support Oklahoma Businesses during COVID-19
COVID-19 Near Me
😥 That's it for this week
If you know any other projects related to Covid-19 that can help people during these very odd times, feel free to reply to this email and let me know.
Stay safe, take care of each other and #gonocode to join the fight against the Coronavirus!
Speak soon,
Quentin from NocodeEssentials ✌️
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