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Nocode Essentials #5 - No-code Rumble 💥🥊

March 8 · Issue #5 · View online
Nocode Essentials
Hey no-coders 🤜🤛
The no-code space has gone next level lately! New experiences and challenges are launched every day and you definitely should follow what is happening.
One of the most crazy thing that started in March is the Nocode Rumble. It is an ambitious virtual hackathon that brings together 8 makers from around the world to build 8 unique products in 4 weeks.
Meet all 8 rumblers and find out what happened during the first week of the rumble in this issue.
Also and as usual, you’ll find a selection of the best resources to help you in your no-code journey. To give you a sneak peek, you’ll find:
  • An eBook designed to help makers, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs level up their game thanks to automation.
  • An easy way of validating your idea (which maybe the most important thing before starting to build you no-code product).
  • The latest tutorials featuring Bubble, Airtable, Webflow, MemberStack and more…
Let get to it 👇
PS: last issue’s most clicked link was Stuqe (Free Pro Carrd Templates).

🥊 Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
Sarkis Buniatyan launched the #NocodeRumble to create an annual event that brings together the entire no-code community and demonstrate the power of no-code tools.
To tell you how serious this project is, on March 28th, the best product voted by the community will be awarded $8,000 by Codeless Ventures!
We met all 8 Rumblers and got introduced to their products.
  • Rumbler #1 - Jack Vaughan, Lean Musician - Link
  • Rumbler #2 - Andrew Jernigan, Insured Nomads - Link
  • Rumbler #3 - Corey Haines, Swipe Files - Link
  • Rumbler #4 - Krystal Pino, NomadTax - Link
  • Rumbler #5 - Quentin Villard, Nocode Mentors - Link
  • Rumbler #6 - Hruthika Charan, Know Good - Link
  • Rumbler #7 - Peter Saulitis, Spokable - Link
  • Rumbler #8 - Steven Hilario, Ubuild - Link
(Yep, rumble #5 is the same person who’s sending you this newsletter 😅)
The most interesting and insightful part is that all makers will be sharing the entire journey on Twitter, from ideas to final products. So, you know what you have to do!
🌎 What's up in the No-code World?
Inspiring Articles
How Zapier has transformed the no-code movement, and what we predict for the future
A Brief History of No-code
An easy way of validating your idea (takes 2.5 minutes)
New eBook to Master Automation
Maker Minions: 101 Automations for Makers, Side Hustlers, and Entrepreneurs
Tools to Check Out
14 No-code Apps to Help Build Your Next Startup
9 New No-Code Tools to Keep an Eye on 👀
How to build a membership site with Webflow, MemberStack, Airtable & Zapier
Webflow Animation: Animate while page scrolls
Connecting Airtable + Bubble
😥 That's it for this week
Thanks for reading this week’s issue, and don’t forget to reply if you have any feedback to make this newsletter the best it can be.
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Have a great week and #gonocode!
Quentin from NocodeEssentials ✌️
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