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By Quentin Villard

Nocode Essentials #2 - Webflow Special (and more) 🔥





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February 9 · Issue #2 · View online
Nocode Essentials
Hi no-code makers 🤜🤛
Welcome to issue #2 which main focus is… Webflow! We gathered the coolest templates, clonables, tutorials and inspirations (+ a top maker) to make you a Webflow power user.
Also, Webflow has just released a great new feature with ‘prebuilt layouts’, which will make it even easier to build projects from scratch. You will find the link below.
If you are not a Webflow user don’t worry, we have some cool stuff for you too. Including a video introduction to no-code, an inspiring podcast with Ben Tossell (founder of Makerpad) about how he bootstrapped a $240K side-project, and a brand new no-code website builder.
Let’s get to it! 👇
PS: last week’s most clicked link was the article How Going Nocode Made Me A Serial Founder

💥 Webflow Tiiime
Assets, templates and clonables
Forest | The ultimate Webflow component library
UI Flow | Webflow inspirations and assets
Flowbase | Webflow templates, assets & guides
Courses and tutorials
Creating a clean & simple website with Webflow
How to build a website with Webflow - Design. Build. Launch. Episode 5
Use Webflow to build your web design business.
What Will You Build?
TheOverflow | Resources for Webflow enthusiasts
New (awesome) feature!
Build faster with prebuilt layouts in Weblfow
✌️ Meet a Maker - Sarkis Buniatyan
Sarkis Buniatyan
Sarkis Buniatyan
Popular maker & Webflow master
It is impossible to talk about Webflow without mentionning Sarkis. He’s been very active lately and did this amazing rebuild of the Playstation 4 interface using Webflow only. Here is everything you need to know about him:
👉 Webflow profile: Admire Sarkis’ work and find cool Webflow projects to clone for your own use.
👉 Twitter account: Get Sarkis’ latest Tweets (@SarkisBuniatyan), follow his latest news and get inspired!
👉 Youtube channel: Yes, Sarkis brand new Youtube channel is (almost) empty! But it will soon be full of amazing Weblfow tutorials. Go subscribe and you will see.
🕵️ What's up in the rest of the no-code world?
🎥 Video | No-code for beginners
The No Code Movement - Building Apps & Startups Without Code
🎙 Podcast
Makerpad: How Ben Tossell Bootstrapped a $240K Side-Project – with Ben Tossell [238]
⚒ Tool | New no-code website builder
Next generation website platform
😥 That's it for today...
…but we’ll be back soon!
Just hit reply if you want to share anything that you think is worth featuring in the next issues, or if you have any suggestions to make this newsletter better.
Have a great week and don’t forget to #gonocode
Quentin from NocodeEssentials ✌️
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