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Nocode Essentials #12 - Twitter for Nocode 🐥

June 14 · Issue #12 · View online
Nocode Essentials
Hey nocoders 🤜🤛
Before getting to it, big shout out to Michael Gill and Sarkis for their recent nocode projects to fight for Racial Justice. Michael built MakeChange for maker/tech people to use their abilities, resources, and platforms to help support those who are fighting against racism. Sarkis build WalkWithUs to spotlight those who walk together to condemn racial discrimination.
Onto today’s newsletter!
If you don’t know that yet, Twitter is the best place where you want to be as a nocode maker. Why? Because the entire community hangs out there.
You have to leverage that by being super active there to improve your skills and get going faster. This will help you:
  • Meet with fellow nocoders (and maybe find a cofounder)
  • Get insightful feedback on your product
  • Get unstuck with tips and tricks from people using the same tools
  • Get inspired by other nocoders’ work
⚠️ On thing though, if your project target market is not the nocode space, people don’t need to know your product is made without code. This information has no value to your users and it might not be an advantage for you when it comes to getting paid customers.
So in today’s issue, you’ll get:
  • ✅ A focus on Twitter with the best tools and resources to master your Twitter game.
  • ✅ The usual nocode world roundup with the selection of the hottest articles, templates and tutorials.
  • ✅ An exclusive new project announcement at the end of the issue
Alright let’s get to it 👇

🐥 Tools to master your Twitter game
Click to Tweet - The easy 'tweet about this' link generator
Twitter Intent Generator
Twitter - Card Validator
Followerwonk - Analyze Twitter Followers
Twitter - Analytics
TweetDeck - Tweet like a pro
Schedule & automate
Hypefury - Twitter Scheduler & Engagement amplifier
💡Note: Of course (if you don"t know them already) you’ll also want to have a look at the most famous social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. They both offer free plans to start with.
Read and learn
Twitter for No-Coders: Grow an Audience of Paying Customers in 30 Days
7 Insanely Simple Ways To Grow Your Twitter Account
🌎 What's up in the Nocode World?
Maker Badge - add a badge to your projects' site
Nocode Works - create websites with Google Docs - Create sites and web apps using Airtable
Studio - Web Design platform for all creatives
Building a no-code application that sends an email and a text message when a new user registers
From Startup Launch to Partnership in One Week: A GiveLocal Spotlight
How to build a no-code SaaS product within a few weeks
Spotto — The First Adalo App To Get Acquired!
Beginners Template for Bubble
Webflow Recipe Template by Flowbase
Webflow Pricing Column by Flowbase
Zoomio Video Chat - New Template from Zeroqode
🙌 Tweet of the day
Since today’s focus is about Twitter, here is an insightful Twitter thread by Adam Ceresko to guide you through your MVP building process 👇
Adam J. Ceresko 🦈
🚀 Orders of magnitude growth 🚀


Before you build anything, think through the details of how you:

- acquire for first user
- acquire 10 users
- acquire 100 users
- acquire 1000 users
😥 That's it for today
Before letting you go, I want to share with you a new project that I am working on.
As a whole new generation of entrepreneurs / side hustlers is willing to launch their projects but don’t really know how to proceed, I am going to create a directory of all the best (free) tools any indie maker would want to use to create whatever they want! 
If you are interested for you or one of your friends, follow me on my brand new Gumroad account and get notified when it’s out.
I’ll make a tutorial showing how I built it, which tools I used and how much it costs (I can already tell it’ll be less than $10 all included!). 
Have a great week, act ✊🏿 and #gonocode.
Quentin from NocodeEssentials ✌️
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