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By Quentin Villard

Nocode Essentials #10 - Behind the scene 🎬





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May 17 · Issue #10 · View online
Nocode Essentials
Hey nocode peeps 🤜🤛
First, let’s shout a warm welcome to all new subscribers that joined us lately. If you want to have a look at what we’ve discussed in previous issues, simply check the profile page.
So issue #10 is here and I though it would be the occasion to share with you the ‘behind the scene’ side of NocodeEssentials. I recently had a few requests about it so I’ll be as transparent as possible. And since NocodeEssentials is only made without code, I guess it is a good usecase to share too.
Other than that, my other project Nocode Mentors is now live in beta. This is the place where you can book a 1-on-1 call with the best nocode experts. Don’t forget to check it out, your future mentors are waiting for you. 🙌
In this issue, you will find:
  • ✅ The behind the scene of Nocode Essentials
  • ✅ The launch of Nocode Mentors beta
  • ✅ The nocode roundup (tools, articles, tutorials, ebook, freebies)
Let’s get to it 👇
PS: last issue’s most clicked link was the article No-code founders are on the rise. Are they making money?

🎬 Behind the Scene of Nocode Essentials
The Website
NocodeEssentials is a directory of the best resources to help you find your way in the nocode world. It is of course made without code and here is how it is done (you’ll see, it couldn’t be simpler).
The whole website is built with Table2Site, a tool that let’s you create your website only using Airtable. You simply fill in the Airtable base and it will do the work for you. It is the same process for creating pages, designing them and populating your directory.
Kieran Ball wrote a long form article about how he used Table2site for one of his project, you should definitely check it out 👉 Building a functional website from idea to launch in 2.5 hours.
NocodeEssentials has currently 70+ resources listed and a huge update is coming up soon!
The Newsletter
As this is the 10th issue, I decided to share with you the figures behind the newsletter I’ve been sending out for the past 3 months.
The tool I use to send you those newsletters is Revue, witch is super handy when it comes to sharing resources you’ve saved on Pocket for example.
You are now 227 awesome subscribers to receive NocodeEssentials’ newsletter and here are the open and click rates for all past issues 👇
NocodeEssentials' newsletter analytics
NocodeEssentials' newsletter analytics
The average open rate is close to 70% and I have to say I am pretty proud of this. Let’s hope this will continue, and thank all of you for reading and spreading the word. 🙏
🚀 Nocode Mentors beta is LIVE
I am really happy to tell you that the beta of Nocode Mentors is now live.
You can now book your sessions with 9 different mentors that we vetted for their expertise and willingness to teach and help the nocode community.
Nocode Mentors home page
Nocode Mentors home page
The ultimate goal for Nocode Mentors is to bring a new way for makers to collaborate with the best experts in the nocode space. We deeply believe that 1-on-1 mentorship will bring you a lot more value than simple online content that is not personalized and that will never allow you to meet and connect with mentors.
What’s next? Well, we are already working with new mentors for them to join us. Be ready to see the list of mentors grow in the next few days. 🚀
Welcome to Nocode Mentors
🌎 What's up in the Nocode World?
Softr - Building software products is easy now
Chilipepper - Forms optimized for Notion pages
Zapier - New integration for Adalo
Joshua Tiernan - What I've learnt from selling 2 no-code business
Is No-code A Game-Changer?
Webflow for Beginners 2020 by Ran Segall
How Michael Gill automates what’s hard so he can focus on what’s important
The no code revolution by Webflow
35+ Design Tools for Startups and Small Teams
😥 That's it for today
I would love to know what you think of the format of the newsletter so I can make it as valuable as possible for you. Should I keep including personal stuff and usecase analysis focusing on 1 topic per issue, or should it be a simple list of useful resources?
So, right below:
  • Use the 👍 to tell me I should continue with the current format
  • Use the 👎 if I should only provide a list of curated resources
Thanks again for your support.
Have a great week, stay safe and #gonocode!
Quentin from NocodeEssentials ✌️
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