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Long Reads Sunday - Year One Retrospective

Today marks the 52 week of LRS. As a way to celebrate and reflect on how much has changed, I put toge
Long Reads Sunday - Year One Retrospective
By Nathaniel Whittemore • Issue #52 • View online
Today marks the 52 week of LRS. As a way to celebrate and reflect on how much has changed, I put together this special edition reviewing each and every week. Your regular LRS52 will be out this evening as usual! Thanks for a great first year - NLW
LONG READS SUNDAY 1 Year Retrospective
This weekend marks the 52 weekend of LRS. In celebration of that milestone and everything that’s changed since then, I’m going back and summing up each and every week: what we were talking about, who was driving the conversation, and of course, the thread of the week. Let’s dive in! 

LRS1 - 7/1/18
BTC: $6,661
The thread that started it all! The first 3 pieces were @Melt_Dem on HF liquidations, @_jillruth on talent, @katherineykwu on the first China blockchain lawsuit.

LRS2 - 7/8/18
BTC: $6,731
The vibe of this thread was “settling in” the the bear market. @NeerajKA wrote about Bear Market Blues, @nic__carter overview of governance at Zcon1
COTW: @AriDavidPaul mid-year reflection thread

LRS3 - 7/15/18
BTC: $6728
It was the Augur launch & big thinking like @garybasin on crypto derivates, @simondlr on Harberger taxes. We were yapping about ETFs & @cburniske was noticing exchange tokens

LRS4 - 7/22/18
BTC: $7730
Yay price bumps! Boo debates about the “free rider problem” in Bitcoin. @spencernoon wrote about community building, @jinglanW on Plasma. 

LRS5 - 7/29/18
BTC: $8242
@MustStopMurad with the greatest graphic ever on on everyone a maximalist. @twobitidiot suggesting VCs disclose token exits. PONZI GAMES. 
COTW: @eeril on @PoWH3D/FOMO3D Ponzi games

LRS6 - 8/5/18
BTC: $7112
This week was all about institutions, let by the Bakkt announcement. @TuurDemeester BTC unlikely to see new ATH in 2018. Venezuela pops up.
COTW: @hasufl + @nic__carter on historical BTC narrative shifts

LRS7 - 8/12/18
BTC: $6359
Price dips from weeks before. @brucefenton and @krugermacro on ETFs. Speculation about capitulation. 
COTW: @eriktorenberg on “Money Crypto vs. Tech Crypto”

LRS8 - 8/19/18
BTC: $6375
@Crypto_voices starts now regular looks at global money supply. Legal Twitter @msantoriESQ, @katherineykwu, @jchervinsky becomes a force. 

LRS9 - 8/26/18
BTC: $6930
More on ETFs. @DoveyWan talks China ICO ban & @lindsayxlin on “regulatory tribalism” for @TokenDaily. @real_vijay on scarcity. 
COTW: @Melt_Dem Decentralization Is A Myth

LRS10 - 9/2/18
BTC: $7280
A pondering, big-thinky sort of week. @VitalikButerin on innovation at layer 1 vs. layer 2. @ercwl on what we learned from ICOs. @danheld on “Hodlers are the revolutionaries.” 
COTW: @Krugermacro “Crypto: Traders’ Paradise. Investors Hell.”

LRS11 - 9/9/18
BTC: $6313
More downward market action, narrative battle between ETH death spirals vs. open finance
@real_vijay on underlying demand and death spirals

LRS12 - 9/16/18
BTC: $6284
Clap back against ETH death narratives. @jchervinsky on regulators disciplinary action. EU surveillance law kicks up the privacy conversation. 
COTW: @UdiWertheimer flags @AaronvanW privacy series

LRS13 - 9/23/18
BTC: $6581
@krugermacro on massive XRP price surge (and flipping ETH). @katherineykwu on NYAG report. @nic__carter on “Dark Underbelly of Crypto Markets"
COTW: Epic @Travis_Kling podcast with @APompliano

LRS14 - 9/30.18
BTC: $6617
Tons of convo around Bitmain IPO docs. 1Broker shutdown by SEC. Big intrigue around Huobi EOS Block Producer collusion. A16Z in Maker. 

LRS15 - 10/7/18
BTC: $6677
“BTC as Stablecoin” jokes. @APompliano on big news of Yale endowment investment. @MustStopMurad and @Kenoshaking introduce Market Value to Realized Value ratio. 
COTW: @ercwl late night airport Bitcoin fever dream

LRS16 - 10/14/18
BTC: $7134
Senate banking committee hearing on crypto & blockchain. Launch of Liquid. Coinbase launches ZRX, but this also makes people discuss token friction 
COTW: @jchervinsky from the Senate hearing

LRS17 - 10/21/18
BTC: $6472 
Fidelity announces Fidelity Digital Assets. @CaitlinLong_ contextualizes institutional news. Endless chatter about Tether and bank runs. 
COTW: @pierre_rochard on Bitcoin’s Buyers Of Last Resort

LRS18 - 10/28/18
BTC: $6387
The 10 year anniversary of Satoshi’s White Paper! Stablecoin’s everywhere - including the launch of USDC. @avichal on falling trust in institutions. 
COTW: @danheld’s epic 4 part Bitcoin origins series

LRS19 - 11/4/2018
BTC: $6433
NLW new baby edition! @BMBernstein on expanding the narrative from scarcity. Tons from @zooko and others from DevCon4. @AriannaSimpson on staking as a service. 
COTW: @cburniske on centralized apps on top decentralized protocols

LRS20 - 11/11/18
BTC: $6397
SEC action against EtherDelta. Many speculate: are DEX’s fucked? Uptick in convo on crypto UX w/ @austingriffith and @tayvano_

LRS21 - 11/18/18
BTC: $5485 
More SEC action against Paragon and Airfox ICOs. @hasufl and @QWQiao on hashwars. Generalized mining narrative. 
COTW: @jchervinsky on the end of SEC’s crypto phase one

LRS22 - 11/25/18
BTC: $4089
BTC craters under $4k while ETH hovers near 2 digits. @CryptoHayes on HF fund manager unpleasant convos. @Melt_Dem on the “crypto crisis"
COTW: @lawmaster corrects ETH death spiral narrative.

LRS23 - 12/2/18
BTC: $4116
All about the crypto winter narratives: @martybent & @ariannasimpson on difficulty adjustment vs mining death spirals. @Apompliano on HF shutdowns. 
COTW: @DoveyWan on why the winter looked bad

LRS24 - 12/9/18
BTC: $3592 
ConsenSys layoffs. @CoinSharesCo on Bitcoin mining. Uptick in governance conversation. @zooko on cryptowinter narratives. 
COTW: @_jillruth crypto winter as canary for broader downturn

LRS25 - 12/16/18
BTC: $3589
ETF decision delays. Bitcoin narrative competition. @Bquittem on Bitcoin as a living organism. Basically, winter. 
COTW: @VitalikButerin on non-financial applications of blockchains

LRS26 - 12/23/18
BTC: $4084
This was the one where I did the ENTIRE thread in the style of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Please validate the time that took by going back and liking it, thnx. 

LRS27- 12/30/18
BTC: $3814
The most popular LRS ever was the best of 2018 ed. @BMBernstein on cryptos as money, not equity. @jon_choi_ on the crypto idea maze. @timevalutofBTC on LN. 
COTW: Impossible, but @real_vijay was defining.

LRS28 - 1/6/19
BTC: $4022
As you might guess, the first LRS of the year was all about predictions. @nic_carter reviewed his hidden and time stamped 2018 predictions. Many looked to Open Finance as key for 2019. 
COTW: The essential predictions thread from @arjunblj

LRS29 - 1/13/19
BTC: $3700
The year kicked of w/ a 51% attack on ETC which generated amazing content from @hosseeb. Oh, and there was Tron-BitTorrent. 
COTW: @DoveyWan on why 51% attacks are an evolutionary feature of PoW coins

LRS30 - 1/20/19
BTC: $3547
The week was all about the launch of Grin, which @wheatpond wrote eloquently about. Constantinople delays; year of the DAO; & LN rounded it out.
COTW: @CaitlinLong_ showed just how far ahead Wyoming is

LRS31 - 1/27/19
BTC: $3483
Tons of chatter re: Crypto Law (thnx @VladZamfir!), + a bunch about donuts? Venezuela surged even further into crypto consciousness.
COTW: @Codiox livestream on Venezuela was the must watch:

LRS32 - 2/3/19
BTC: $3432
@ameensol and @lrettig were two leaders of brilliant convos on the future of Ethereum + a lot more about state power vs. crypto 
COTW: @yassineARK & @arjunblj on ideological divides in crypto

LRS33 - 2/10/19
BTC: $3,626
@jack took the LN torch. @brockpierce announced a new Mt. Gox plan. MMT became crypto’s new mortal enemy. 
COTW: The vital piece from @coincenter on cash, privacy and surveillance

LRS34 - 2/17/19
BTC: $3888
@molochDAO emerged. DeFi at #ETHDenver. The Morgan Creek crew announced a new fund. JPMorgan Coin!
COTW: @twobitidiot’s video interview series at #ETHDenver2019 were all great, ex w @zooko 

LRS35 - 2/24/19
BTC: $3831
Major protocol ragequits. @Binance DEX interviews from @VentureCoinist + BNB analysis. More QuadrigaCX analysis. 
COTW: @_jillruth with the essential reading list on decentralized ID & reputation

LRS36 - 3/3/19
BTC: $3741
This week was a rare moment of near total unity around Coinbase’s acquisition of Neutrino, led by former members of Hacker Team. 
COTW: @davidzmorris had *the* essential thread

LRS37 - 3/10/19
BTC: $3866
Apparently this was crypto research week, feat @Delphi_Digital, @tokendaily, @ResearchCricle and more!
COTW: This research on devs from @ElectricCapital on devs was just huge

LRS38 - 3/17/19
BTC: $3976
The 30th anniversary of WWW! Interesting crypto history from @francispouliot_, @hosseeb, @AaronvanW
COTW: A 50-year zoom out from @ricburton on why open finance wins

LRS39 - 3/24/19
BTC: $3947
Reflections on the Hong Kong blockchain scene from @arjunblj. @Lawmaster on IEO discussions. Cuban national twerk team (gross). 
COTW: @BitwiseInvest research on fake exchange volume for the SEC

LRS40 - 3/31/19
BTC: $4145
It was like, staking all the time, staking everywhere. There were probably even some pictures of steak. Also @ashegan, @iam_preethi and others on governance

LRS41 - 4/7/19
BTC: $5311
BTC smashed through $5k and @parabolictrav came back. IEOs sold out like it was 2017. New SEC guidance!
COTW: @katherineykwu massive analysis on the SEC Investment Contract guidance

LRS42 - 4/14/19
BTC: $5082
This week will forever be We Are All Hodlonaut. Also some interesting back and forth b/n Ethereum and Polkadot. 
COTW: Big think on display in @Delphi_Digital’s Quarterly Macro Report

LRS43 - 4/21/19
BTC: $5401
Hodlonaut culminated in #delistBSV. #NarrativeWatch on token migrations (from ETH to Binance Chain). @AriannaSimpson on Uniswap. 
COTW: @TuurDemeester report on “BTC In Heavy Accumulation” - which seems prophetic now

LRS44 - 4/28/19
BTC: $5214
The latest Tether saga was Bitfinex in an $850m hole, w @krugermacro, @hasufl, @CaitlinLong_ and others on the commentary. 
COTW: @woonomic surveyed tons of prominent influencers, analysts and traders on whether the bottom was in

LRS45 - 5/5/19
BTC: $5952
More on Tether and Bitfinex, including the announcement of their IEO. @Barrysilbert launches #DropGold. @CremeDeLaCrypto BTC awareness research. 

LRS46 - 5/12/19
BTC: $7944
Binance hacked for the first time, which kicked off a massive debate about “re-orgs.” New FinCen guidance. The beginning of NY Blockchain Week!
COTW: @_jillruth announces the Open Money Initiative

LRS47 - 5/19/19
BTC: $8105
The vibe at NYBlockchain Week was determined, (more) clear-eyed optimism. No big announcements but lots of small cool projects plowing on. 
COTW: @ethereumJoseph @EtherealSummit keynote looking back from 2047

LRS48 - 5/26/19
BTC: $8850
@nic_carter noticing exchanges reading negative regulatory tea leaves. Lots on DeFi and more on IEOs, including epic @jdorman81 thread
COTW: @MiguelCuneta fiery “don’t use my country as your narrative”

LRS49 - 6/2/19
BTC: $8481
EOS launches massive social network. Beginning of “Defend Crypto.” First convo from @martybent and others on FATF. 
COTW: @literature on why crypto is attracting the best talent

LRS50 - 6/9/19
BTC: $8057
The faithful CT legal core debriefed us on the SEC’s suit against Kik. Apple came out hard as a privacy company. Hints about Facebook’s Libra
COTW: @jeremyrwelch on the meta-shift towards privacy and sovereignty

LRS51 - 6/16/19
BTC: $9379
The state power vs. crypto sovereignty convo continues to heat up, w/ geoblocking the US, and mass alt coin deslistings. + more details on Facebook Libra partners. 
COTW: @nic__carter’s epic Unpopular Bitcoin opinions

And here we are! Week 52. BTW, I’m pushing the regular LRS52 right after this. It’s all about Algorand, FATF, and, of course, how the world changes with Libra.
And - oh yeah! $10k+ Bitcoin for the one year anniversary!
In all seriousness, when I started the market was settling into a bear market. Now it feels something like the opposite. 
The question for all of us is what we want this bull to mean? Right now, in this moment, is the time to remind ourselves why we’re here, and what we want to drive this all towards. 
One thing’s for sure.
Keep producing great threads, great essays, great pods and videos - and I’ll make sure it has a home here.


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