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Long Reads Sunday - Issue #76

Long Reads Sunday - Issue #76
By Nathaniel Whittemore • Issue #67 • View online
This week is the first of two special end of year editions. In today’s, I’ve curated the end of year trend lists and the 2020 prediction lists - from Messari to Bitcoin Magazine to CoinDesk to Token Daily and beyond.
A few common threads:
  1. The Halving is the source of much conversation - but absolutely no consensus.
  2. DeFi’s continued ascendence seems likely to be an important part of the story of 2020
  3. Central banks getting in on the digital currency game is reshaping the context of the industry as a whole.
I’ve done my best to highlight some of the most interesting details, but all of this content is worth a long holiday read.
Speaking of the Holiday’s - two more bits of EOY content from me:
  1. The Breakdown podcast will be doing a series of interviews between now and New Years about the most important narratives from 2019 and predictions for 2020, featuring folks like Peter McCormack, Meltem Demirors, and more. Subscribe here or catch it on CoinDesk daily.
  2. Next week’s LRS will be coming out on New Years Day and will be a week by week summary looking at the BEST content of every week of 2019.
Happy long reads and Happy Holidays! - NLW

Long Reads Sunday #76
*Note - this is one you’re going to want to read on Twitter as it has lots of embedded images that don’t translate to email!
LONG READS SUNDAY #76: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CRYPTO 2019 RECAPS AND 2020 PREDICTIONS. You asked for it, so here it is - all of the best insights on the year that was and the year to come. Strap in team, this is going to be a good one!
2/ Let’s kick it off with the first (and longest!) piece from this year, @MessariCrypto’s “Crypto Theses for 2020” - an 8-day fever dream from @twobitidiot himself covering just about every aspect of the industry.
21/ With their ‘2020 Crypto Crystal Ball’ @soonaorlater and the rest of the crew at @tokendaily asked a slew of interesting thinkers what they believe is going to happen next year. Here were some of my favorites.
32/ If that piece is all about what happened in bitcoin last year, this absolute monster of a thread from @jfnewbery looks to the bitcoin possibilities for the next decade. Massive.
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