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Long Reads Sunday - Issue #32

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. No intro this week, but some great ideas this week. Happy LRS from the Hudso
Long Reads Sunday - Issue #32
By Nathaniel Whittemore • Issue #32 • View online
Happy Super Bowl Sunday. No intro this week, but some great ideas this week. Happy LRS from the Hudson Valley - NLW
LRS32 | Super Bowl Edition! You might have heard that Tom Brady has thrown 11.4% of all Superbowl touchdowns ever, but did you know that Dan Larimer created 47.6% of all blockchains? This week showed once again that, in crypto, the “big game” is the battle of ideas. Here are 20 
2/ IDEA: Crypto tribalism results in part from different base belief systems. @arjunblj & @yassineARK kicked off a massive amount of lively discussion with this piece on the difference of constrained vs. unconstrained visions of the world.
3/ IDEA: If Ethereum has failed in five years, this is why. @lrettig prompted this valuable though experiment that got the Ethereum community self-reflecting in a massive way on what might go wrong and how they could do better.
4/ As a quick aside, although there were a lot of great contributions to the thread..this one from @ercwl has to take the prize.
5/ IDEA: Ethereum should optimize for price. Here’s why and how. Speaking of big ideas within the ETH community, check out @ameensol’s argument for why ETH price matters for the Ethereum community and how to address that fact.
6/ IDEA: 2019 will be the year of the DAO. The Ethereum community wasn’t just gathering online this week, but also came together in Berlin for #AraCon2019 hosted by @AragonProject. Some great talks on decentralized governance and emergent global work on DAOs.
7/ IDEA: Apparently in 2019 there can still be good crypto conferences. Despite my feeling that crypto events are a weird junket that shut shuttle the same speakers from conference to conference, between Aracon and Stanford Blockchain Conference, maybe I have to reconsider. All SBC talks here:
8/ IDEA: The potential of Bitcoin and crypto isn’t just better money, it’s a better world. @BreakerMag wrote a slew of good articles with this shared underlying argument, calling it “Social Good Week.” Check out this great interview with @billbarhydt as an example
9/ IDEA: Bitcoin can help prevent genocide. @wheatpond explains why historically, ethnic cleansing has been both motivated and enabled by asset & wealth seizure and why cryptoassets could transform that dynamic.
10/ IDEA: Governments that try to ban Bitcoin will eventually recognize the futility in that. @iamjosephyoung shared this article about why Iran reversed a ban on Bitcoin and what it might mean going forward.
11/ IDEA: Governments will issue their own cryptocurrencies. Speaking of global nation-state involvement with crypto, news broke this week that Saudi Arabia and the UAE were launching a cryptocurrency trial with the idea to improve remittances between the countries
12/ IDEA: “The Fed is the parent of a kid with a drug problem.” Meanwhile back at home, @Travis_Kling writes about how we’re undergoing the largest monetary policy experiment in history and BTC provides a way to opt out
13/ IDEA: Global macro patterns around both money and politics make Bitcoin and crypto more attractive. @raynesteinberg similarly flags a set of macro trends relevant for crypto: 1) deflation to inflation; 2) cooperation moving to competition; 3) markets as political tools
14/ IDEA: Bitcoin is conservative by design. If BTC represents a way to opt out of the global money printing experiment, this article by @kyletorpey does a great job explaining why “the absolute most important thing is that we do not destroy the system”
15/ IDEA: We have to lay the foundations of privacy technology before we need it. This sprawling essay by @secparam is one of the deepest treatments of blockchain privacy in recent memory.
16/ IDEA: Unit of Account and Medium of Exchange needn’t be the same. This fascinating essay by @jp_koning explains the curious case of the Haitian dollar, which is used to price things across Haiti, but which doesn’t actually exist.
17/ IDEA: There is a shift in crypto hedge funds to a more venture fund-like model. The Placeholder team shared some good thinking on the evolutions of professional allocators in the bear market. Essay here or check out the convo around this thread
18/ IDEA: The Herd is Considering. Speaking of professional allocators, this thread by @AriDavidPaul provides some great perspective on the state of thinking from institutional investors in the current market climate
19/ IDEA: The market for money may not be as Winner-Take-All as we think. @hasufl and @zhusu ensure that no cows are sacred as they explore the challenges for a proto digital money to reach the escape velocity necessary to become the sole dominant winner
20/ IDEA: Cryptocurrency ecosystems have to actively design approaches to dev incentives. Prompted by @grinmw, there has been a massive conversation around what the right combination of dev funds, voluntary donations, etc are for core devs.
21/ IDEA: Money is a human narrative that changes over time. Bitcoin is, according @Breedlove22 the latest chapter in the story. As an aside, this is exactly the type of gem that LRS was designed to capture.
22/ And that’s the Super Bowl big crypto ideas edition of LRS! Thanks as always for reading! Sign up to get LRS by email and let me know what other ideas captured your attention this week. 


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