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Long Reads Sunday - Issue #19

Hey all - shorter edition this week, due to a new baby arriving! Back to our normal LRS schedule next
Long Reads Sunday - Issue #19
By Nathaniel Whittemore • Issue #19 • View online
Hey all - shorter edition this week, due to a new baby arriving! Back to our normal LRS schedule next week. Happy Long Reads - NLW
1/ Long Reads Sunday #19. On Thursday morn, as Halloween turned into All Saints, our new baby girl arrived. This LRS Baby Edition is a lil smaller & only includes the stuff excellent enough to stand out in the haze of late night baby rocking. Get yer bibs, it’s long reads time.👶
2/ This week was an awesome combination of contemplative reflection around the 10-year anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper and forward looking at DevCon. In fact, there was so much good BTC 10-year content, I put together a thread.
3/ One special call out goes to @danheld, whose excellent 4-part series on “planting” Bitcoin will be released as an eBook next year. Pt 1: Species - Pt 2: Season Pt 3: Soil Pt 4: Gardening
4/ Another phenomenal piece I missed in the original thread was this argument by @robustus reclaiming the price of Bitcoin as actually the most amazing thing about it, as a marker of a massive transformation in our thinking about money and value.
5/ Using the word “governance” only once in 3,000+ words, @nic__carter wrote the best piece on governance I’ve read this year. Determining the identity of Bitcoin is at once a philosophical and a political process and is totally integral to a leadership-minimized system.
6/ This concept of Bitcoin identity was given life and expression by @BMBernstein, who wrote that scarcity is not an obvious enough narrative on its own, and Bitcoin advocates have a duty to more actively explain it
7/ Meanwhile, at the beginning of the week, @APompliano promised us true (fire) from his podcast and, boy, did he and @MustStopMurad deliver. Agree or disagree, the clarity with which Murad speaks means you can’t not learn from him.
8/ Of course, not everyone has the same degree of conviction. In this video, @a16z’s @katie_haun debates everyone’s second (or third) fav cryptoskeptic Krugman. Check ~17:21 for un-banked/underserved convo - ht @mdudas
9/ Back to the builders though, the other big happening this week was DevCon4 in Prague. @Bitfalls thinks he figured out why the event was able to retain its reputation for serious technical and creative conversations; Malta got ze shills!
10/ In all seriousness, I haven’t had a chance to dig in to all of the presentations yet but here are tops in the queue (ht @econoar for timestamps) Day 1: @tayvano_ on UX/prod design 05:46 Day 2: +@zooko on privacy 01:41
11/ Speaking of @zooko, boy howdy did ZCash have a big week! It celebrated its 2-year anniversary, completed their Sapling network upgrade, and had a slew of great presentations at DevCon. Hopefully have a bigger privacy thread coming soon, but for now:
12/ LRS trade secret: I use Pomp’s mini “this week in crypto” thread to make sure I haven’t missed anything each week. My favorites from this ed. are Morgan Stanley calling crypto a new asset class and @binance’s fiat-to-crypto exchange in Uganda signing up 40,000 users. 
13/ One more newer resource for a quick hit perspective, @_jillruth & @Melt_Dem’s mini-pod is becoming a favorite. It’s like an audio op-ed page for the week in crypto. All the snark, sass and shared insight of a full length podcas in less than 15 mins.
14/ Oh, and this Blockchains LLC story huh? On the one hand, it reads like a Hunter S Thompson fever dream “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.” On the other hand, crazier things have come from the Nevada desert…
15/ Okay, I have about a million baby books to obsessively read now, so just a few more to wrap up, starting with this 101 piece @DavidJN79 wrote to help family offices wrap their heads around investing in crypto. We need more of this sort of thing - base knowledge, applied for specific community
16/ Speaking of community, @NTMoney is back with a great piece on the importance of community in distributed networks, and makes the point that Satoshi’s skill for communication and community building remains under-appreciated
17/ For those of you who have been following the Tether thread, their (new) bank this week issues a note basically saying “Yeah they’ve got the money.” @lwsnbaker eviscerates it. “Great lawyers know when to draft for ambiguity.”
18/ @AriannaSimpson does a quick, critical look at the emergence of Staking-as-a-Service business models on @TokenDaily, identifying three major challenges, including competition among staking providers, margins compression due to growth in staking and competition from large custodians.
19/ Always interesting @kylecyuan connects the dots between the distribution of work, value and innovation in crypto and why there isn’t going to be a “next Silicon Valley”
20/ I loved this follow up from @cburniske on the concept of centralized apps/interfaces on decentralized protocols, which was actually the most read thread from last week’s LRS. Balancing consumer convenience preferences with decentralization considerations is no easy task.
21/ Finally, as we reflect on the germ of an idea that became a global force on Bitcoin’s 10th and all the new ideas circulating DevCon, @backus reminds us of how much of an idea’s success comes down to the right timing.
22/ And that’s that! Long Reads Baby Edition complete! Next week we should be back to our regularly scheduled length. LRL is off again tomorrow night. +email: +Long Reads Live - 7pm EST Mondays: +LRL podcast iTunes: +LRL Podcast home:


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