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Proximity by Niteesh - Issue #8

Proximity by Niteesh
Proximity by Niteesh - Issue #8
By Niteesh • Issue #5 • View online
Hola folks, did you miss the curated updates from me? I have been MIA chasing some things but am now back on track with more energy!

Product Design (UI/UX)
Cognitive Bias and the Design Process
Designing for the Unexpected
How to give a great product design portfolio presentation
How to create a color palette easily?
Virtual/ Augmented Reality
Eye-tracking and gaze interactions in AR/VR
Hands-on with Facebook’s new VR for work app Horizon Workrooms
The overlap between type and UX design with Dalton Maag’s Bianca Berning
Optical sizing
Optical Size tweaking for dark mode - Mark Boulton
Web Fonts Guide
Font Picks
Organic Pro ← Positype
Parclo Sans | Lettermatic
MD Primer · Mass-Driver™
Really Sans | Lettermatic
Featured Video
What are Web Fonts? (Best Practices for 2021)
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By Niteesh

Curated set of articles, resources and updates on Product Design, AR/VR and Typography.

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