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Proximity #11

Proximity by Niteesh
Proximity #11
By Niteesh • Issue #8 • View online
The month is ending but we are just getting started. The first issue of 2022 is here, I’m a bit behind the schedule but from next month onwards, you’ll receive two issues with curated resources. Till then take a dig at the resources below…

Product Design (UI/UX)
The case against heatmaps
Should we all lose faith in UX?. UX, Surveillance Capitalism, and the…
Product thinking: Focus on the solution, not the problem
The Dangers of Remote Design Sprints
Virtual/ Augmented Reality
Spatial Web Browsing
The Laws of Simplicity applied to VR
Google is building an AR headset
I Spent Hundreds of Hours Working in VR. Here’s What I Learned
What’s the right font size in web design? – Pimp my Type
Font engineering and the importance of what you can't see.
Fonts Knowledge - Google Fonts
Font Picks
Iota | Type Supply
Azeret typeface by DISPLAAY Type Foundry
Cuttlefish typeface — Teeline Fonts
Look Back into Past
The Unsung Heroes of Finnish Typeface Design
Why and How I Created Emoji
Graphic Design History Resources
Featured Video
Gutenberg Printing Press
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By Niteesh

Curated set of articles, resources and updates on Product Design, AR/VR and Typography.

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