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"Weekly NishIsHere" -newsletter of Nishat Shahriyar - Issue #1

"Weekly NishIsHere" -newsletter of Nishat Shahriyar - Issue #1
By Nishat Shahriyar • Issue #1 • View online
Hey, Wonderful People!
Welcome to the first issue of “Weekly NishIsHere”. I am Nishat Shahriyar (you can call me NISH) and this is my personal newsletter.

Photo by Sasha Matic on Unsplash
Photo by Sasha Matic on Unsplash
Why I am Starting this Newsletter?
First, I am a huge fan of newsletters. I genuinely follow a handful of newsletters (like the hustle or morning brew). I like this format. It’s a raw and direct way to connect with new people.
And I love meeting new people, explore new ideas, and learn new things. I believe my newsletter could be the direct way to meet like-minded people I want to hang out. You got the idea, right?
Second, I want to document my life. I am Writer and Digital Marketer. I am in the digital marketing sector for over 10 years! Recently I joined a prominent IT company here in Bangladesh as a Digital Marketer. Here at WP Manage Ninja, I am working with our marketing team to reach new users for our WordPress plugins & themes. Now I want to document my life through this newsletter ( I am doing a podcast also, but I’ll cover that in my next emails).
I am planning to write a detailed medium post about this, so wait for few days. This is the short answer.
Starting from tomorrow, I will be sending new emails every week. My plan to have a month beta stage to figure out how I’m gonna format or design this newsletter.
August will be the lunch month. So ride with me in this beta stage to the lunch month. I hope you will like it!
Let’s dive into “Weekly Nish” Issue #1
Are you an introvert like me? then this article will help you boost your confidence.
Why introverts can be better leaders than extroverts
AH! It is good to be a BATMAN fan! If you are a DC animation fan, then I bet you’ll be excited like me after watching this BATMAN: The Long Halloween clip!
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One - Official Clip (2021) Jensen Ackles, Alastair Duncan
Want to Power-Up Your WordPress Blog With the Smartest & Most Useful WordPress Plugins? Check out WPmanageNinja Eid Special Discount!
Get 30% Off In Eid Special Discount - WP Manage Ninja
Latest from Creator Economy-
Creators “Colin and Samir” deep dive into - How Emma Chamberlain changing Vlogging landscape on youtube.
Why Emma Chamberlain is the New Casey Neistat
Why Emma Chamberlain is the New Casey Neistat
Tweet of the Day
Weird History
A woman that survived the Nagasaki bombing (1945)
That’s it for this week folks! If you like this issue or want to share your thoughts with me tweet me @rednishat.
Have a nice day!
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Hey! I am Nishat Shahriyar. You can call Me "NISH"
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