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Vitalik VS Bored Ape | Weekly NishIsHere! - Issue #39

Vitalik VS Bored Ape | Weekly NishIsHere! - Issue #39
By Nishat Shahriyar • Issue #39 • View online
Twitter growth hack, Ethereum creator want Bored Ape to do public goods, How Elon Musk helping Ukraine with Starlink, The amazing peter#3 and more.
Welcome to the 39th issue of “Weekly NishIsHere”.

Photo by Jaman Asad on Unsplash
Photo by Jaman Asad on Unsplash
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Weekly NishIsHere - Issue 39
♣ Thought of the Week
Visualize Value
“One of the secrets to staying young is to always do things you don’t know how to do.” – Ruth Reichl
♣ Twitter Education
◘ Sahil Bloom has taken his Twitter followers from zero to 5 lakhs in two years by following some of his own growth strategies. Those of you who want to learn Twitter Growth Hacking in Digital Marketing can follow this Twitter thread.
Jakob Greenfeld
Sahil Bloom grew from 0 to 500k followers in less than two years.

This allowed him to quit his job and he's now at 5x what he was making as a VC.

Here's everything I learned about how he operates his personal flywheel:
♣ Tech
◘ Elon Musk was asked for help by Ukrainian Minister a few weeks ago. Shortly after tweeting, Elon Musk moved his Starlink satellite to Ukraine. At the same time, he sent more equipment so that Ukrainians can access free internet. The Starlink app was the most downloaded app in Ukraine last week.
That’s why I like Twitter. How many things can happen fast just in one tweet.
Elon Musk's Starlink was Ukraine's most downloaded app last Sunday
◘ Many people do not like NFT, it includes many big heads of the cryptocurrency field. Recently, the creator of the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, shared some of his frustrations with the popular NFT Project Bored ape. There’s been a lot of controversy on Twitter about that, though Vitalik says he isn’t against the project. He just wants the Bored ape to do something good for the general public.
Dare Obasanjo
“the goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar pictures of monkeys, it’s to do things that accomplish meaningful effects in the real world” - Vitalik Buterin
◘ Shortly after Vitalik’s interview, it was revealed that the bored ape’s creator company, Yoga Labs, had raised 450 million from VCs and investors. And now their valuation is only 4 billion. Ah!
Their company is only 14 months old and has only 11 employees! Where the world is going!
Joe Pompliano
Yuga Labs (the creator of Bored Apes) has raised $450 million & is now valued at $4 billion.

Their 2021 financials are WILD.

Revenue: $138 million
Net Profit: $127 million (92% margins)

The company was founded just 14 months ago & only had 11 full-time employees in January 🤯
◘ Shortly after Vitalik’s interview, the founder of FTX, the world’s largest crypto exchange, posted a thread on Twitter about using NFT in games and developing games using their platform. The timing was interesting!
1) FTX is really excited to support web3 gaming.

But we have a very specific approach:

support great games.
♣ Pop Culture
◘ Sonny finally admits that their number three Peter is really amazing!
The Amazing Peter #3!

(Note: Yes, we’ve seen the hashtag. No, we don’t decide which movies get made. We’re just the social team 🙂)

#SpiderManNoWayHome is now on Digital, and coming to 4K UHD and Blu-ray on April 12:
◘ Reynolds and The Rock have taken their acting to a new level. Now movie after movie, they get paid millions of dollars just to show up as themselves.
Not only are they alone, but many more names can also be taken in this list. Harrison Ford, Bruce Ulysses, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey!
This is how Jim Carrey’s character was written in the script - Jim is doing it, Jim is laughing like this! He is a legend!
I mean, their character was their performance. Mind blown!
Dare Obasanjo
Ryan Reynolds & The Rock have transcended acting and are now just paid to be themselves in movie after movie.

That’s personal branding on steroids.
◘ A few days ago, some students in Bangladesh did a flash mob of James Gunn’s “Peace Maker” series intro. James Gunn shared on his Twitter! Wow!
♣ Creator Economy
◘ I had previously written about the Patreon platform. Using this platform, creators from countries can earn money from their own fan followers. So far, Patreon has paid creators 3.5 billion! Jack Conte, founder and creator of Patreon, recently gave an interview about the future of his platform. People like me who are interested in Creator Economy must read this.
Patreon CEO Jack Conte on his $4 billion company’s future and the creator economy
♣ Photo of the Week
Dangerous, Digital, 2022
Dangerous, Digital, 2022
Posted by u/Diylion
♣ Quote of the Week
◘ You can’t thought entrepreneurship.
Paul Graham
Taking classes in "entrepreneurship" in college is like going to the Louvre and spending your time looking at the floor.
That’s all for this week, friends! Hope you like this issue!
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