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Grind Longterm | Weekly NishIsHere! - Issue #32

Grind Longterm | Weekly NishIsHere! - Issue #32
By Nishat Shahriyar • Issue #32 • View online
Why do Billionaires love MrBeast?
Welcome to the 32nd issue of “Weekly NishIsHere”.
I am Nishat Shahriyar Aka NISH. This is my personal newsletter where I share my work-life experiences as a Digital Marketer and discuss topics like Tech, Creator Economy, and so on every Thursday. I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
Weekly NishIsHere - Issue 32
♣ Thoughts of the Week
This is so real! That’s why I’m creating content constantly.
Matt D'Avella
You need to make a lot of 💩 before you can make 💎
My Problem, My Solution:
Daniel Vassallo
I procrastinate a lot. All my work is shaped by procrastination. But I don't fight it; I embrace it. The more reluctant I feel about doing something, the more creative I become to find a simpler solution that better matches my preferences.
♣ Twitter Education
This I told myself every day! If you are a content creator please follow this, work for the long term!
Alex Lieberman
The best content creators I know are long-term patient, short-term impatient.

They will thanklessly create content for a decade.

But they will also pump each piece of content into relevance with growth hacks, self-promotion, and always-on distribution.
Also watch this!
If You're A Creator, You Have To Watch This.
If You're A Creator, You Have To Watch This.
♣ This Week from YouTube
The Power of Opportunity
The Power of Opportunity
♣ Creator Economy
Why Billionaires LOVE MrBeast
Why Billionaires LOVE MrBeast
♣ Photo of the Week
Pondering, Sadie Laine B. , Gouache, 2021
Pondering, Sadie Laine B. , Gouache, 2021
Posted by u/SadieeeLaine
♣ Quote of the Week
Ryan Breslow 🕺
There will ALWAYS be people who don’t like you or what you’re doing. Doesn’t matter if you’re Oprah or Elon Musk. Accept that and keep charging.
That’s all for this week, friends! Hope you like this issue!
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