Nikseam is Business Management Consultancy & Startegic Planing platform for Indian Small Business (Micro), MSME & Start-up sized organizations.

Hello MSME | Start-up Entrepreneur,

Nikseam is Business Management Consultancy platform for Indian Small Business(Micro), MSME & Start-up organizations.

Service We offer…

#GrowthSuite, #Startelligence, #VMM & #StartupPro Business Programs consist of customize solutions as follow to create business ecosystem.

  • Business Management consultancy Services
  • Start-up Registration - Incubation, Nurturing and Consultancy
  • Sales , Branding & Marketing , Leads development Solutions
  • VMM -Virtual Media Marketing Strategy Planing & Lead Management
  • Business Brand Positioning & Awareness Solutions
  • Fundraising VC | PE Investment | SME IPO | Startup IPO Launching support
  • IT Enabled Business Process Outsourcing Support
  • HRM & Complete Business Accounts Management
  • Tech Support – Customize Software & Mobile Applications Development

We at Nikseam having team of professional and technical Experts which include team band of Legal and Compliance Experts, Chartered accountants, Financial Advisors, Company Secretary, Human resource management experts, software developers, Mechanical Electrical Civil structure Engineers Business analyst, Sales and Marketing Experts, Content Writers and Designers who take care of all your business growth needs & virtual media marketing exploration who take care of all your business needs.

 We are on a mission to make our Local business to do Sustainable Business in India & abroad.

If at any time in the future you need assistance exploring your Business growth options don’t hesitate to reach out.


Lalitkumar | Director | +91 88499 60381

Nikseam Consultancy Pvt Ltd | Gujarat 380009 India

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