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How to instantly improve your day.

Eoghan from
Eoghan from
There are some things in life that puzzle me endlessly: like how people say things like “I love so you much I would do anything for you”, but the first thing you ask them to do that is in any way useful or practical, they say “no” (they should really provide a list of things they will actually usefully do); or you tell a fella that you’ll be super busy in September and still keeps talking about wanting to go to Spain for the weekend; or just dealing with my own stupid procrastination. Why are there some tasks in my life that it would literally take a Garda to force me to do: pay my car tax online or clean the car or go clothes shopping?

Enough about me, let's talk about you ...
What are your plans for yourself for the next 10 or 12 weeks? People are going back to school, dark nights are coming, Winter is coming (holy God Christmas is coming). What have you planned for yourself?
Let’s talk night classes. And deadlines. Frankly, this weekend is decision time. We’re deadlines all next week.
It gets a bit scary towards the deadlines. Last-minute tweaks and tidying. This is going to be one busy and exciting term: applications are 4 times what they were this time last year.
So, if you are planning to do a night class, get in there soon. We’d love to wait for you, but we can’t hold classes open much longer. We’ve tonnes to get done and organise. We’ve got Orientation Week from the 20th. Action stations people!
And we’re back to procrastination …
The cure for procrastination and anxiety ...
Make a plan. Then start small. Do something. Go for a walk. Then do a little bit. That’s the only cure. The doing: it opens doors, it frees your mind, it turns a misty dark future ahead into an open road with a cinematic sunset.
And our cinematic sunset is the offer of professional qualifications, doing something for yourself, studying at home, expert tuition and guidance, online classes and resources, extra study supports, meeting new people, learning new things and having a new routine.
My mother used to say that if something took 12 weeks to complete, well you’ll have to live through those 12 weeks anyway, so you might as well come out the end with something. (Then again she said an awful lot of other twaddle as well so can’t be totally trusted.)
Night Classes for September
Courses in Accounting, Animal Care, Business, Childcare, Computing, Education, Healthcare, Languages, Security and Social Studies.
We are a campus of the Cork Education and Training Board. Enrolment is open nationwide. Access to classes is international.
Register to reserve your place. €10 off when you register and pay online. 30% off for Social Welfare recipients and OAPs. Social Welfare TSG €1,000 grant funding available. 40% off for current and just graduated Mallow College of Further Education day students.
You thinking about it yet?
Do the next small step:
You’re home for night classes. Live Online, 18:30-21:30, Mondays to Thursdays or 09:00-12:00 on Saturdays (for the very brave souls who also work at night). Dog Grooming are the exception who will be back on-site in January for the practicals of dogs, dogs, and more dogs. - ATI, QQI Level 5 & 6 Certification - - Podcast | Facebook
Or, full-time day classes in Mallow, Co. Cork:
Mallow College of Further Education: QQI Level 5 & 6, iTEC, Qualifications. -
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Eoghan from
Eoghan from @nightschool_ie

Mallow College campus and online classes nationwide. QQI level 5&6 and ATI courses and certification. Grant funding up to €1,000 available. A campus of the CETB.

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