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Where The Hell Did June Go?

I promise you that my disappearing act last month was full of great experiences that I cannot wait to
Living My Legend
Where The Hell Did June Go?
By Nico Atienza • Issue #10 • View online
I promise you that my disappearing act last month was full of great experiences that I cannot wait to share. Without further adieu, here are the highlights.

Hey friend!
Hello again after such a long time. From the last time we spoke, I was just about to head out on my trip to the USA and it was full on radio silence after that. My bad..
It was a 2-week trip that ended as fast as it started but it was an amazing time nonetheless. 
Then, within 48 hours of getting back home, I was back in the airport an a plane to the Philippines.
I needed to head back to my birth country to settle some Sri Lankan immigration issues so off I went. My brother was very surprised to hear that I was arriving on such short notice. 
With all the travel now behind me (for now), it’s good to be back in Colombo with so many stories to share. 
Let’s start with the highlights.

I Circumnavigated The Globe Again
When I was trying to get tickets for this trip to the USA, I was planning to use what frequent flyer miles I had left to splurge on Business Class tickets.
I used Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles to book an Emirates flight (via Dubai) to JFK and American Airlines AAdvantage miles to book a ticket back to Colombo on Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong).
It was totally unplanned but this routing completed a circumnavigation of the globe, my second after my 2016/7 backpacking trip that spanned 21 countries. 
The difference was that this circumnavigation took 2 weeks while the first one took almost 13 months and my girlfriend came along for the ride too!
Travel Hacking Bucket List-ing
82,500 AS miles for a 1-way Emirates Business Class Ticket
82,500 AS miles for a 1-way Emirates Business Class Ticket
As a Frequent Flyer miles junkie, one experience that has always eluded me and has been high on my bucket list is flying the famed premium cabin on Emirates, the airline that is regarded as one the world’s best.
That ended on this trip as I cashed in 82,500 Alaska miles for a one-way award from CMB to JFK (via DXB).
Now that I’ve crossed this off on my travel hacking bucket list, I do have some thoughts, especially when comparing it with the Cathay Pacific Business Class that I also got to experience on my inbound flight.
Detailed analysis and comparison to come..
Bird's Eye View Of Manhattan
Our first stop in the USA was New York City. 
As a Christmas present last year, I got my girlfriend an open door photo flight experience over Manhattan with a company named FlyNyon
Both of us love “The City” and what better way to experience it than from up above with a thrilling bird’s eye view.
It was one heck of a view but it wasn’t without its drawbacks. More on this to come later as well..
My Buddy Got Married!
Congratulations Tom & Elena
Congratulations Tom & Elena
The cornerstone of this whole trip was to attend my good friend Tom’s wedding in Denver, Colorado. I was touched when he asked me to be a groomsman and I couldn’t say no!
It was amazing to see two people, who couldn’t be more perfect for each other, tie the knot and have one heck of a party with all of their friends and family. Thanks for having us on your special day guys!
An Unplanned Trip To The Motherland
Spending Father's Day With My Dad + Brother
Spending Father's Day With My Dad + Brother
“Yo, I’ll be in Manila on Saturday. Please pick me up from the airport”, I told my brother in the afternoon after arriving from the USA in the early morning hours of the same day.
He was surprised as I was to find out that I had to pack my bags again, turn around and head to the Philippines on such short notice.
Nevertheless, the timing couldn’t be perfect because it was Father’s Day weekend and I got to spend it with my Dad for the first time in many years.
This Is Why I Gained 10 Lbs
Thick Slab Pastrami Bacon (Hometown BBQ - Brooklyn, NY)
Thick Slab Pastrami Bacon (Hometown BBQ - Brooklyn, NY)
Chips & Queso (Torchy's Taco - Denver, CO)
Chips & Queso (Torchy's Taco - Denver, CO)
It was a miracle I fit into my clothes after this trip as I gained 10 lbs and 0 regrets.
 I sank my teeth into so much good food that my stomach is literally grumbling as I type this.
More pictures to come. Promise!

There, we’re all caught up now. Lots of stories to tell so let me get to it in the coming weeks.
Happy Sunday!
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