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What It Was Like To See My Favorite City At 10,000 Feet

For Christmas last year, I bought my girlfriend and I tickets to a helicopter tour over New York City
Living My Legend
What It Was Like To See My Favorite City At 10,000 Feet
By Nico Atienza • Issue #12 • View online
For Christmas last year, I bought my girlfriend and I tickets to a helicopter tour over New York City. Here’s how it went!

Let’s start with “Influencers”. 
Hey Marketing People, so called “Influencers” do their namesake function and actually influence people to do something that they normally wouldn’t have done without a little digital nudge.
Case in point: I saw this Instagram picture of YouTube legend Casey Neistat flying in a chopper over New York City and then clicked on the company (@FlyNyon) who he mentioned in his post.
FlyNyon was offering a 40% off discount for open-door flights in New York City at the time and I also just happened to be looking for a cool Christmas gift for my girlfriend.
Bada bing, bada BOOM. I just spent hundreds of dollars on something that wasn’t even on my mind when I woke up. That’s the power of influencers, baby.
Fast forward 6 months later, how did the flight go?
In short, good and bad. For starters, about half of the 15-minute flight experience was spent flying to and from the heliport in New Jersey. While Jersey has its charms, I saw much more of it than I wanted.
Hello, Jersey.
Hello, Jersey.
Once we started hovering over the Hudson River, the magical view of Manhattan island started to appear in the distance, a view that they called the “Money Shot”, where you’ve got a head-on view of the Financial District/Downtown and Liberty Island.
Liberty Island & Manhattan
Liberty Island & Manhattan
The City that never sleeps
The City that never sleeps
One thing that was disappointing was that the FlyNyon representative told us at the pre-flight briefing that we would be so close to the One World Trade Center that we would be able to “reach out and touch it”. That was hardly the case. I think if you paid a little more for the longer flight package it would be true, but for the 15-minute package, there would be no touching of the OWTC. 😭
If there is one piece of advice I can give you about this flight, it is this: put your camera down. From my particular seat, the downward force from the helicopter blades was ferociously beating into my face forcing me to squint for most of the flight. Add that discomfort to me wanting to video and photograph the whole thing and I was pretty sure I only used my eyeballs for about 30 seconds. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the view with your eyes instead of your viewfinder.
Squint squad, what's good?
Squint squad, what's good?
In the end, I’m glad I went on this tour and I think my girlfriend did too. Previous to this, we could only see this bird’s eye view of Manhattan in pictures. On this day, I also got reminded of a valuable lesson and that was to use the best dual lens camera all of us own, the one in our head.
We ❤️New York City
We ❤️New York City
Adios amigo!

Before You Go..
  • 🇫🇷Congratulations to France on being crowned FIFA World Cup Champions! I don’t watch football regularly but watching them play over the last month has been a real treat.

  • 🐷 Instagram is such a data hog. I was wondering my data usage was so high this month and shockingly discovered that Instagram accounted for 75% of my data usage. If you are on a monthly data cap and use Instagram, I suggest you check if the app has been draining your data Dracula-style. Here’s how to check for iOS and Android.

  • 💬 A quote that really resonated with me this past week: “Sometimes it’s not the people change who change, it’s the mask that falls off”.
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