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5 Reasons Why I 💓 The Apple Watch (After Being A Hater)

I've poo-pooed the idea of owning a smartwatch for many years because I couldn't fathom a genuine use
Living My Legend
5 Reasons Why I 💓 The Apple Watch (After Being A Hater)
By Nico Atienza • Issue #16 • View online
I’ve poo-pooed the idea of owning a smartwatch for many years because I couldn’t fathom a genuine use case for it. I caved last year when I bought the Apple Watch Series 3 and have not looked back.

This is not a paid advertisement for Apple! I wish it was, though.
I’m usually an early adopter of Apple products but one product that I could not get behind was the Apple Watch.
“C'mon, why would someone want an expensive tiny-mini-iPhone on their wrist?” I thought to myself.
The very first generation of Apple Watch had no water resistance and didn’t look as sleek as the Swiss watch I owned at the time. No, thank you.
As Apple came out with new iterative generations of the device, I couldn’t ignore the fact that there was a void the size of a fitness tracker on my other wrist.
I was a huge Fitbit user and rocked a Fitbit Flex for years before it finally hit the dust. I missed something that would buzz and tell me how active or lazy I was.
Last November, my yearning to fill that fitness tracker void led me to pony up an obscene amount of money for the cheapest Apple Watch Series 3 along with another fistful of cash for a new band.
9 months later, I have no regrets. I’m in love with my Apple Watch and here are 5 big reasons why I am:
What I use the most on my Apple Watch
What I use the most on my Apple Watch
1. Exercise tracking & motivation
Remember that big void I mentioned earlier? I’m happy to report that the Apple Watch has done a great job of tracking my activity every day along with celebrating good days and motivating me to step up on days I am being lazy.
2. Incognito notifications
A flick of the wrist and a swipe down on the watch face is all I need to see all the notifications on my iPhone. I don’t have to pull my phone out any more and make it very obvious that I am not paying attention at a meeting. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a phone call since owning it.
3. MacBook Pro auto unlock
Little did I know that an Apple Watch can be used to unlock a MacBook! This feature alone has saved me from typing my password 50 times a day, reducing the wear and tear on the keyboard overall.
4. Sleep tracking
I use an app called Pillow to track my sleep every night and I love the report every morning that tells me how bad my sleep was the night before. I’m going to get this right one day..
5. The perfect cup of tea
I use the Alarm/Timer function way more than I thought I would. Whether it is to make sure my cup of tea doesn’t steep for too long or as an incognito reminder to not overstay an event, the silent buzz on my wrist always keep me in check and on time.
Aw shucks, thanks Apple Watch!
Aw shucks, thanks Apple Watch!
Do you own a smartwatch? If you do, what do you like/dislike about it?
Before You Go..

  • 📺I’m really enjoying the show “Explained” on Netflix that has bite sized episodes on a wide variety of different topics. The ones about ‘Tattoos’ and 'Why Diets Fail’ were particularly enlightening.

  • 🎶Calling all my ravers! Full DJ sets from this year’s electronic super festival Tomorrowland is now on their YouTube channel. I’ve already watched several hours worth of sets and the FOMO is real..
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