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Yet Another Newsletter LOL - Issue #56: Shroom Tunes

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web
I love all the write ups, videos, podcast stuff that Swyx does and this is another great one.
Bun and Deno: New Runtimes for the Third Age of JavaScript (Full Talk rerecorded)
Bun and Deno: New Runtimes for the Third Age of JavaScript (Full Talk rerecorded)
Maybe it’s obvious for a bunch of folks but I’ve only ever spoken on a Twitter Space. I’ve never hosted one, so this will definitely come in handy.
How to pin a tweet in a Twitter Space to share with your group conversation
This was a cool video showing the evolution of the office desk.
This is such a great tip! I use multiple desktops on Mac and have Edge (my browser of choice) on several desktops. This makes it so much easier to switch in between them.
rita kozlov
life hack: command + shift + A allows you to search all your tabs in chrome (across all of your windows).

this might be the best thing since .new TLDs 🤯
Fun Stuff
Science girl
Using Biodata Sonification the bio-rhythms of living organisms can be turned into sound

Listen to this mushroom “singing”
📹 by @TarunTspoon
Words of Wisdom for the Week
Jonathan Edward Durham
Hey if tacos can totally fall apart and still be amazing so can you
VS Code Tip of the Week
Shameless plugs
Ian Douglas joined me on my Twitch stream this past Wednesday to show me the ins and outs of Postman! We also talked about interviewing, a passion of his. Here’s a highlight from the stream. The full recording will be up on YouTube sometime next week.
Highlight: Fun with Postman and Nerding Out on Interviewing - nickytonline on Twitch
I was on a podcast! I had a really great time chatting with Eddie Hinkle discussing my origin story and what brings me joy as an engineer.
S1 E9: We're like Detectives (Nick / @nickytonline) - WebJoy
I’ll be hanging with Brian Douglas, a.k.a. bdougie next week to discuss contributing to open source and Open Sauced! Come join us this coming Wednesday!
Nick Taylor
Excited to hang out with Chief Sauce Officer @bdougieYO next week! We'll be discussing contributing to open source as well as @saucedopen.

Come hang with us next Wednesday, July 27th at 5 pm UTC at

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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor @nickytonline

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