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Yet Another Newsletter LOL - Issue #54: Fresh!

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web
I’m sure most folks have probably heard this announcement already, but bun has shipped! Check it out!
Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime
Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime
A super handy tip when using the browser dev tools in Chromium based browsers
Sam Dutton
🧐 To avoid seeing errors from extensions in Chrome DevTools, check 'Selected context only'.
A great talk from Andy Bell about building for the modern web
Andy Bell
The recording of my talk, “Be the browser’s mentor, not its micromanager”, at @heypresents is here!

I put so much sweat into this talk (also while I did it)—all for a good reason, because I will change how you write CSS by the end
Rizèl talks about how awesome DevRel is, but it’s not without its flaws.
The Hard Parts of Developer Advocacy (for me) - DEV Community
Fun Stuff
Waffles anyone? I feel like Cassidy made this. 🤣
Words of Wisdom for the Week
Marco Rogers
At some point I realized that learning to hear and understand people even when they're not communicating very well is a superpower. There is so much more knowledge and wisdom you gain access to when you stop being blocked because people aren't using the "right" words.
VS Code Tip of the Week
VS Code Tip of the Week: The Thunder Client Extension - Just Some Dev
Shameless plugs
This past Wednesday, I got to hang with Luca Casonato, Software Engineer at Deno Land Inc and the creator of Fresh, a new full stack web framework for Deno!
Luca explained what Deno is and then did a deep dive into Fresh!
Fresh: a new full stack web framework for Deno with guest Luca Casonato
Fresh: a new full stack web framework for Deno with guest Luca Casonato
If you aren’t following already, I stream on Twitch at Come by and say hi sometime! And for past streams, you can find them on my YouTube channel.
This coming week I’m hanging with Drew Clements from Nacelle to learn all about Vue! Come by and say hi at 5pm UTC this Tuesday (not the usual Wednesday)!
Nick Taylor
Looking forward to hanging with Drew Clements, @drewclemcr8, next week to learn all about @vuejs!

Come by and say hi next Tuesday (not the usual Wednesday) at 5 pm UTC to learn all about Vue at!

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Nick Taylor
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