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Yet Another Newsletter LOL - Issue #46: Have a seat

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web
Steph, who is amazing, drops some well-supported modern CSS features. Check ‘em out/try them out if you haven’t already!
Stephanie Eckles
💜 A few of my favorite well-supported modern CSS features:

- :is()/:where()
- ::marker
- :focus-visible
- aspect-ratio
- custom properties
- clamp()/min()/max()
- scroll-margin-top|bottom
- outline-offset
- text-underline-offset
- everything about CSS grid
- gap in flexbox (!)
Stripe open sources Markdoc
Markdoc is a powerful, flexible, Markdown-based authoring framework.
Hello page transitions API! This is experimental and only available in Chrome Canary at the moment, but exciting nonetheless.
Bringing page transitions to the web
Bringing page transitions to the web
Looking for a new coding font? Check out the replies to Rachel’s Tweet!
Fun Stuff
Finally! Pizza people can sit down.
Printed some chairs for the lil pizza tables
Words of Wisdom for the Week
Shameless plugs
I’m back on the streaming scene! It’s been an intense break between switching roles and onboarding, but I’m back! I got to hand out with Anthony from the RedwoodJS core team to a=talk about all things RedwoodJS!
RedwoodJS with Anthony Campolo, RedwoodJS core team member
RedwoodJS with Anthony Campolo, RedwoodJS core team member
I wrote a post about my new job!
Ecosystem and Frameworks: My Role at Netlify - Just Some Dev
If you weren’t aware, I run a community at If you’re a fan of VS Code, check it out! Thanks for showing the love Forem and friends!
It's a happy day over here when we get to highlight the dedication to community & considerable knowledge that @nickytonline possesses.

Read this post from @bendhalpern to learn why you should check out @vscodetips: Nick's VS @code-focused #Forem.
Nitya Narasimhan | #30DaysOfSWA
"Call to action for all VS Code users!" by @bendhalpern #DEVCommunity

This is a great initiative from @nickytonline - the more I use @code the more I want to skill up and become more productive. Didn't realize there was a Forem for this. 🎉
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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor @nickytonline

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