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Yet Another Newsletter LOL - Issue #38: Speed Whale!

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web
Treat remote work as a forethought, not an afterthought
A great writeup from my old colleague Vaidehi Joshi
Quick wins to create an inclusive remote organization | LeadDev
The Developer Advocate's Guide to Asking for Things
Speed boost achievement unlocked on Docker Desktop 4.6 for Mac - Docker Blog
An interesting read about an Uber Eats glitch that allowed folks to order free food
Gergely Orosz
As it's been ~3 years, figured I'll answer "What caused the Uber Eats glitch that allowed ordering free food for a weekend in India?"

This was an outage on my watch. Given Quora is paywalled - can't post the answer w/o a sub - here's the story on idempotency & breaking changes:
GitHub - RunaCapital/awesome-oss-alternatives: Awesome list of open-source startup alternatives to well-known SaaS products 🚀
Fun Stuff
Gergely Orosz
How do some tech companies refer to their staff? Here are a few:

Googler (Noogler when new at the company)
Micosoftie / Softie
Hubber (GH)
nUber (when new)
Words of Wisdom for the Week
Scott Hanselman 🇺🇦
I love this. Been coding for cash for 30 years and I learn new stuff from early in career folks EVERY WEEK. Old just means I’m still here and I’m experienced. It doesn’t mean I don’t learn constantly from my awesome coworkers!
Shameless plugs
Stacie Taylor joins me on my last DEV Twitch stream. We’ll discuss all things The Collab Lab. Pop by and say hi!
DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Our next DEV Twitch stream with @nickytonline will be next Tuesday, 3/22 at 1 pm ET / 5 pm UTC. Join Nick for a conversation with @the_real_stacie, Co-founder of @_collab_lab and Engineering Team Lead at Zapier ⚡

Some big news…
Nick Taylor (he/him)
Next week is my last week @forem/@thepracticaldev. It's been an amazing 2.25 years working with awesome people.

Thanks, PBJ and the whole crew! New things are on the horizon. Stay tuned!
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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor @nickytonline

Yes, it’s yet another newsletter folks! I post stuff in Slack and other communities I’m a part of, so instead of losing all those links to the “Slack”hole, I decided to start a newsletter!

So welcome to links to cool and interesting stuff I found on the Internet during the week, with some fun stuff too, and shameless plugs.

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