Yet Another Newsletter LOL - Issue #30: Optometrists!



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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web
Some great knowledge nuggets in this thread
Tess Snider
I've been a senior programmer for over two decades. Here are a few tidbits for programmers:
Vercel released their platform starter kit!
Platforms Starter Kit
This was a great read.
Remix 💿
One question we get quite often is how Remix compares to Next.js. Today we're answering that question 👀

The short answer is that we think Remix makes better trade-offs than Next in a variety of areas, both in DX and UX.

The long answer 😅👇
460 Free Textbooks – Math, Science, and More [Online PDF for College and High School]
Becoming a Better Writer in Tech - The Pragmatic Engineer
If you’re interested in web3, keep an eye on this
freeCodeCamp Just Got a Million Dollar Donation from an Alum to Build a Carbon-Neutral Web3 Curriculum
Fun Stuff
Who called them optometrists and not Sight Reliability Engineers 🤷‍♂️
Words of Wisdom for the Week
I love Steph’s work and this quote
Stephanie Eckles
What you find familiar might seem magical to someone who doesn't know it yet. Teach them.
Shameless plugs
Dan Abramov and Maggie Appleton joined me on the DEV Twitch stream this past Wednesday to discuss JavaScript and their course Thanks again for hanging out, Dan and Maggie!
Walkthrough Wednesday with Dan Abramov and Maggie Appleton
Walkthrough Wednesday with Dan Abramov and Maggie Appleton
for this week’s stream, I’m looking forward to hanging with Sunil Pai from Cloudflare.
Workers, Durable Objects, we’ll wrangle in all the things! 
Come by and say hi on Wednesday @ 5pm UTC!
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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor @nickytonline

Yes, it’s yet another newsletter folks! I post stuff in Slack and other communities I’m a part of, so instead of losing all those links to the “Slack”hole, I decided to start a newsletter!

So welcome to links to cool and interesting stuff I found on the Internet during the week, with some fun stuff too, and shameless plugs.

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