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Yet Another Newsletter LOL - Issue #28: Raccoons and Earthquakes

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web
Cloudlflare has been doing a lot of amazing stuff and of course, they wrote about it!
In 2021, we had seven Cloudflare Innovation Weeks. In this blog post, we are reflecting back on the highlights from each of these weeks. What was your favorite?
Lambda now supports ES modules. Go get that boost!
James Beswick @ AWS
🆕 Lambda now supports ES modules in Node.js 14.x runtimes, including top-level await. @danfox shows you how to use this for performance gains:

Addy as always dropping great knowledge nuggets and resources
Addy Osmani
Algorithms and data structures implemented in modern JavaScript: & & Treasure trove of examples to learn from.
A really cool application of AI in the era of COVID and masks
Kevin Lewis (he/him)
Masks making it hard to understand people either audibly or because you rely on lip reading? Just got this hacked together - it displays my speech in real time with @DeepgramAI!
For the CSS fans out there, this is a welcome addition.
Robin Rendle
This year I’m excited for relative colors in CSS, like this: take red, convert it to hsl, and then desaturate it by 10%.
Fun Stuff
Words of Wisdom for the Week
Words of wisdom from my friend Vic. And honestly this applies to everyone.
Vic 🌮
The most valuable skill for a junior dev to learn is "communication".

I've been interviewing engineers for 15+ years, and maybe this advice will seem obvious.

A quick thread of great communication in an interview to help you land that software dev role.
Shameless plugs
We’ve got Jenn Schiffer, Director of Community at Glitch joning us this week on the DEV Twitch stream. Come by and say hi!
I mentioned up top all the cool stuff that Cloudflare has been doing. And guess what? I’m going to be hanging with Sunil Pai, from Cloudflare, on the DEV Twitch stream January 26th.
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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor @nickytonline

Yes, it’s yet another newsletter folks! I post stuff in Slack and other communities I’m a part of, so instead of losing all those links to the “Slack”hole, I decided to start a newsletter!

So welcome to links to cool and interesting stuff I found on the Internet during the week, with some fun stuff too, and shameless plugs.

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