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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
This will be the last newsletter of the year as I’m on vacation for the rest of the year. Stay safe peeps and see you in the new year!
With that, another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web
Rails 7 is coming your way 🛤️
Ruby on Rails — Rails 7.0: Fulfilling a vision
Some great ways to use CSS to enforce accessibility
The CSS3 logo as a head atop a torso with its arms folded across its chest.
An amazing portfolio site refresh from Lynn Fisher. Resize the browser to be wowed!
Lynn Fisher
Fun Stuff
Get busy people!
Busy Simulator
Voltron and array methods
Nick DeJesus 🛒🎉 - Unpaid CTO @BTPipeline
@kyleshevlin This is my mental model for reduce but I'ma be honest it really doesn't make sense, just wanted to share for lols
A great read about the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Michael Harriot
I'm sad Netflix removed the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air because it was one of the greatest crime dramas of all time.

Wait...You didn't know?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was about a police informant working undercover to expose a drug-trafficking cartel.

A thread.
Words of Wisdom for the Week
Eve Porcello
When in doubt, make people feel welcome.
Shameless plugs
Not a plug, but I got a nice shoutout from Nicholas C. Zakas, the creator of eslint.
Nicholas C. Zakas
Dynamically importing multiple modules is a good use case for Promise.all.
And one more shoutout coming from the Storybook crew.
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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor @nickytonline

Yes, it’s yet another newsletter folks! I post stuff in Slack and other communities I’m a part of, so instead of losing all those links to the “Slack”hole, I decided to start a newsletter!

So welcome to links to cool and interesting stuff I found on the Internet during the week, with some fun stuff too, and shameless plugs.

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