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Yet Another Newsletter LOL Issue #17: Darth Fetch

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!
Around the Web
Fun Stuff
Shared by Fred Schultz on Twitter, this Darth Vader short had me cracking up.
Words of Wisdom for the Week
When you’re teaching new developers, PLEASE make sure you tell them what keyboard commands you’re using, what IDE plugins you’ve added, and WHY you’re doing things! These are small things more advanced developers forget but make a big difference to new devs.
Shameless Plugs
Until the next issue!
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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor @nickytonline

Yes, it’s yet another newsletter folks! I post stuff in Slack and other communities I’m a part of, so instead of losing all those links to the “Slack”hole, I decided to start a newsletter!

So welcome to links to cool and interesting stuff I found on the Internet during the week, with some fun stuff too, and shameless plugs.

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