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DataScan: Issue #78



November 18 · Issue #78 · View online

Curated digest on the world of data.

Google ‘betrays patient trust’ with DeepMind Health move. Mysterious data brokers are facing GDPR trouble. Data protection rules ‘put companies off acquisitions’. AI could be key in saving UK bee population.
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Google ‘betrays patient trust’ with DeepMind Health move. Earlier this week, it was announced that Google will be merging DeepMind into the main arm of the organisation - potentially breaking its promise that the healthcare ‘data will not be connected to Google accounts’. The giant claims the move is so they can globally scale their healthcare offering, and has abolished the independent review boards.
Alongside partnering with the NHS for the controversial Streams app, DeepMind also partnered with ten UK hospitals to process medical data, which will now also ‘fall under the remit of California-based Google Health’.
–> Amazon was asked to share Echo data in US murder case.
Forget Facebook, mysterious data brokers are facing GDPR trouble. Privacy International have published a series of requests for the ICO to further investigate how data brokers are profiting from holding masses of personal data, in a way that infringes privacy and data protection laws.
The group put together their case by extensively reading online information and marketing collateral, and the companies so far deny the acquisitions. Read the full requests here.
–> Another report this time by Privacy Company claims that Microsoft’s enterprise products covertly gather personal data on users.
Data protection rules ‘put companies off acquisitions’. A new report by Merrill Corporation warns that the EU’s new data protection laws are stifling M&A dealmaking. The report finds 66% of respondents think GDPR has increased ‘acquirers’ scrutiny of target companies’ data protection policies and processes’, leaving them to back out -
54% of lawyers and others involved in dealmaking said that since implementation they had already worked on transactions that had been ditched because of concerns around a target’s data protection policies and compliance with Brussels’s new rules.
–> Writing for Forbes, Richard D. Harroch, Jennifer Martin, and Richard V. Smith take a deep-dive into the data privacy and security issues in M&A.
👀 Facebook Portal isn’t listening to your calls, but may track data.
☎️ Mobile network Three mines customer data for ad targeting.
🎄 Privacy not included: Holiday gift list for privacy and security.
😳 ‘Ugly’ mistake sends Google data to China.
📈 New Wellcome data re-use prizes to unlock the value of research.
📹 Storing data on videotape (1975).
🐝 AI could be key in saving UK bee population.
🎓 Data could decide the Harvard admissions trial. Here’s how and why.
Data structure and algorithms interview questions for programmers.
🎲 4 ways the lottery preys on the poor -
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