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DataScan: Issue #77



November 5 · Issue #77 · View online

Curated digest on the world of data.

Marketers complain of data ‘disasters’ in post-GDPR world. Big tech must not reframe digital ethics in its image. Why data onboarding matters more today than one week ago. A cryptocurrency millionaire wants to build a utopia in Nevada.
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Marketers complain of data ‘disasters’ in post-GDPR world. Reporting for Campaign, Omar Oakes covers new research by data services company SBDS exploring UK CMOs opinion’s on the consequences of ineffectively using customer data. Amongst the other key findings (below), the research claims that not properly using customer data is costing organisations millions of pounds each year. Further -
  • Two-thirds of chief marketing officers admit to having experienced ‘disasters’ when it comes to managing data
  • 76% suspect that they have missed out on opportunities because data has not been managed effectively in-house
  • 78% are using software in the form of data management platforms and customer data platforms, but almost a third (32%) said they have a more negative view of these platforms after using them.
–> The ICO issued the pre-GDPR maximum £500,000 fine to Facebook for failing to protect users’ personal information.
Big tech must not reframe digital ethics in its image. Excellent discussion by Natasha Lomas on the hot topic of digital ethics and the role tech companies having in shaping its future. A must read. Amongst discussing ways to break down the Google/Facebook duopoly, Lomas notes how Tim Cook’s recent attack on the “data industrial complex” is encouraging, and aligns with Apple’s hardware-dominated business model -
The growing public and political alarm over how big data platforms stoke addiction and exploit people’s trust and information — and the idea that an overarching framework of not just laws but digital ethics might be needed to control this stuff — dovetails neatly with the alternative track that Apple has been pounding for years.
This ad fraud scheme stole millions, but almost no one in the advertising industry wants to own up to it. Writing for BuzzFeed News, Craig Silverman takes a deep dive on how an ad fraud scheme, which stole close to $10 million from Google’s ad networks and partners, which Google acknowledged but hardly anyone else is speaking out about. The “endemic” lack of transparency in the digital ad industry is facilitating the “large and growing fraud problem that sees criminals steal billions of dollars a year from advertisers”.
–> This comes after it was revealed that Facebook inflated its video metrics for over a year.
Why data onboarding matters more today than one week ago. Mike Sands explains why data recency and real-time processes can make all the difference. Sands explains data onboarding as the “process of uploading offline customer data to the online environment to match with digital identifiers”. Matching identifiers across devices has become an imperative step to effective marketing, but often requires sharing data -
Often brands are required to work with an onboarding partner’s identity graph for the duration of a campaign, which means that once the campaign is over or the partnership ends, that data disappears.
Worse yet, some partners can’t (or won’t) share back user-level data to a brand’s internal systems, making it impossible to connect what happens inside their ecosystems with your other marketing efforts.
With ownership and control of your customer identity asset, you have full transparency into how data is collected, used and distributed.
–> New research by SAP finds that disparate technology platforms, or data silos, are the main challenge to harnessing customer data
🗞️ What happens when Facebook goes down? People read the news.
👀 British intelligence hacked Belgacom then sabotaged investigation.
🤔 A cryptocurrency millionaire wants to build a utopia in Nevada.
✅ The most in demand skills for data scientists.
📈 Five concepts that will help your team be more data-driven.
🗺️ Data Access Archipelago: Mapping the myriad ways we share data.
🔮 How your life’s data means a version of you could live forever.
⚽ How data analysis helps football clubs make better signings.
📺 What themes TV viewers are seeing in political ads across the US:
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