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DataScan: Issue #3

As more industry-leading companies join the virtual reality market (PSVR), will 2017 be the year the


October 14 · Issue #3 · View online
Curated digest on the world of data.

As more industry-leading companies join the virtual reality market (PSVR), will 2017 be the year the world FINALLYgets’ VR? 🤔 Can VR change the traditional model of storytelling - with the reader driving the narrative instead? 📚 
Major social networking sites reported stopping giving social media data to the police - but who really knew they were to start with?! 😕 Data breach fines are predicted to have increased by 175% by 2018. 💰
Do you know if your IoT devices are vulnerable to malware? Or if your Skype connection is really private? Or what a data leak smells like?! 🤔
A carefully curated summary of the top data-related news from the week:

Virtual Reality
• Microsoft’s long awaited HoloLens is now available for pre-ordering in the UK - but still only for businesses and developers. Unfortunately, it looks like a consumer version could be as far away as 2020 😞 - take a peek at this hands-on review in the mean time. 👐
• Google released Sprayscape - the VR-ish camera app 📸 which maps the camera feed on a 360 degree sphere - purposely imperfect?
• Alibaba is working to integrate VR Pay into their shopping experience - by enabling users to purchase items by nodding. 🛍
• Feeling inspired to set up a VR playroom? Avoid these pitfalls. 😅 Or if you’re still unsure on which headset to choose.. 🦄
• Facebook, Twitter and Instagram suspended their relationship with Geofeedia - in order to stop providing personal information from social media data to the police. ⛔
• The £400,000 fine issued to TalkTalk last week for their 2015 data breach would have been 175% bigger under the upcoming GDPR legislative changes. 💰💰💰
• It was revealed that hackers can listen in on your Skype calls 🤐 - and it’s very hard to detect. 👎
• Mirai, the malware which attacks IoT devices (such as security cameras) by continuously scanning for default users names and passwords, has apparently reached almost EVERY country on Earth. 🌎
EXCELLENT write up by Todd Haselton on the threat Mirai poses to our everyday security, and what we can do to help. 💉 
• Proactively protecting data is better than needing a cure.
• Interesting thought piece by Renate Samson, Chief Executive of Big Brother Watch, on why we should consider our personal data as digital currency which needs properly protecting from data breaches - by both companies and the government. 💭
• Ever wondered what data privacy smelt like?(!) ’The Smell of Data’ fragrance-grenade emits a metallic scent when you’re in virtual danger. ’Smell data? Beware of data leaks.’ 👀
The US Military is exploring the possibility of using Blockchain to secure weapons data and nukes. 💣
A man spent 11 hours trying to make a cup of tea with his Wi-Fi kettle.. IoT overkill? ☕
FASCINATING READ - a Swedish skier who was basically frozen ❄ - but lived. 🙏
Black Mirror s3 trailer - prepare to distrust every electronic device.

In need of a ‘digital detox’? Worthwhile albeit lengthy read interviewing Tristan Harris on why you should switch your phone off (for a couple of hours, at-least..). 📱💤
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