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Journalism Weekly - Platforms rule


Journalism Weekly

July 23 · Issue #2 · View online

Keeping up with the media

Platforms, platforms, platforms

Bulletin board
Moves and announcements
-Vice Media lays off 2 percent of its staff in a pivot to video.
-Gizmodo hires Sam Rutherford and Melanie Ehrenkranz as tech reporters.
-Forbes announces 35 million social media followers.
-Dallas Morning News Editorial Page Editor Keven Ann Willey retires.
-Carlotta Gall moves to Istanbul as bureau chief for the New York Times.
Industry links
What the experts wrote
Never Mind Fake News­. I'm Tired of Fake Math
Your periodic reminder that platform metrics are nonsense
Pushing messaging platforms beyond their boundaries
There are a lot of great ideas here - BBC’s efforts to get news to restricted markets with SMS grabbed my attention - but most are from 2015-16. I wonder what a list of the experiments that are just getting started this year would look like.
NBC has 30 employees working on a daily news show exclusively for Snapchat
The market might be souring on Snapchat, but NBC is going all in. Its investment in Snap may be coloring its decisions here, but 30 full-time employees is still a major commitment. Snap also has a traditionally strained relationship with advertisers, making selling enough quality inventory to pay for a daily live news show a difficult task.
'I could hardly get up to go to the bathroom': Confessions of a New York Times copy editor
This interview highlights a central concern around digital media layoffs: fewer resources means more typos, more corrections and lower quality altogether. Will paying subscribers accept the tradeoff of more VR video and social media for fewer eyes on written stories?
My take
What I wrote on Medium
Facebook’s paywall play
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