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July 30 · Issue #3 · View online

Keeping up with the media

Time for some buyouts

Bulletin board
David Perlman, 98, retires from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Buyouts abound at the New York Times.
Book critic Michiko Kakutani steps down from the New York Times.
Susie Armitage departs from BuzzFeed as managing editor.
Laurene Powell Jobs‘ organization takes control of The Atlantic.
Katie Couric ends her news show on Yahoo.
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What the experts wrote
The Agony and the Anxiety of The New York Times
Even the Times is not invincible to the buyout-inducing, open floor-planned, video-first wave crashing through media. On one hand, the Times’ success depends on its quality, something its journalists argue is at stake with these changes. On the other, good business pays for great scoops, and there’s no better time to make adjustments than when you’re on top.
First Facebook TV Episodes Are Said to Be Ready for Mid-August
Good for online video: Facebook is joining every other major tech company, pouring money into original content. They get more places to put advertising - something that’s been in short supply recently - and users get free video. If Facebook produces work that’s higher-quality or more narrative-focused than the usual video on their platform, will that send a signal to other creators? Will they tweak their algorithm to favor shows they paid for?
Online TV Is Growing Too Slowly to Stop the Bleeding in Cable
Bad for online video: Young people don’t want to pay for TV bundles, period. So much money gets wasted paying for television channels we’ll never watch, and slimming down the bundle still doesn’t fix that problem. Nobody wants to offer a la carte television, so $13 billion will disappear.
Slate uses podcasts to drive paid memberships
Slate says this tactic worked - hundreds of people signed up! - but making your free product less enticing to drive revenue is never a good look. Speaking as someone who will grit my teeth through Spotify ads until the day I die, people can be very determined to not spend money. I’m still waiting on a viable podcast that doesn’t rely on the pledge drive model.
My take
What I wrote on Medium
Vox Media shifts from scale to focus
Great reads
The Emoji Movie is so bad, it made us yell at strangers on the street
A Year of “Chewbacca Mom” News Alerts
I Quit Halfway Through Training at a Debt Collection Agency, and I Don’t Regret It
The Surprising Things Statistics Tell Us About Fiction
Donald Trump Has Your Full Attention. Can Anyone Else Be Heard?
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