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Friends newsletter: Warren Buffett

Nick Gray
Friends newsletter: Warren Buffett
By Nick Gray • Issue #29 • View online
I read through the past 10 years of Berkshire Hathaway annual reports. Each year the annual report mentions a few books worth reading.
While a summer reading list or a “best books of the year” list is nothing new, a book recommendation means something entirely different when it comes from Warren Buffett.
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10 Years of Warren Buffett Book Recommendations
Warren Buffett gives book recommendations each year in his annual report.
Warren Buffett gives book recommendations each year in his annual report.
My most popular post on reddit, ever, with over 1000 upvotes.
I read through 10 years of annual reports from Berkshire Hathaway to get this information.
Both Warren Buffett and his business partner Charlie Munger often talk about how much they read.
Munger is famously quoted as saying:
“In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time – none, zero.”
Good tea: Rishi Matcha Super Green
The Rishi brand of loose leaf teas is legit af.
The Rishi brand of loose leaf teas is legit af.
This is my favorite green tea that is easily available on Amazon and sometimes in Whole Foods. It is loose leaf, so you need your own tea pot. I heard about this tea from my friend Tynan
Extremely high-quality green tea leaves mixed with matcha. Cold brews surprisingly well overnight, too! Then I re-steep it 1 or 2 times, adding a little matcha powder to each re-steep.
Product I like: Razor Scooter
Yes. I have this scooter. And I like it.
Yes. I have this scooter. And I like it.
Yes, I’m a nerd and yes, I’m a 35-year-old “adult,” but dammit this stupid thing is often faster than Citibike. I can easily carry it on the subway or stash it in the coat check.
Random Links
  • Good email newsletter: The Journal by Kevin Rose. It gets sent out monthly. Always extremely high-quality recommendations, articles, and products. Squad goals.
  • Now Hiring: Museum Hack is looking for a full-time Staff Manager to support our Renegade Tour Guides. We think it should be based in NYC, but open to remote. We’re looking for an expert people manager with a fun-loving attitude. Know someone that might be a good fit? Forward them this email! More info + apply.
Product I like: TubShroom
My assistant Jamie also loves this product.
My assistant Jamie also loves this product.
Bathroom gadget to catch hair in the shower. I live in a very old 1850s townhouse in Manhattan and we have to be careful about the pipes. This goes inside your shower drain, instead of just sitting on top. Works as advertised.
Upcoming Travel
  • Albany, New York on Aug 10th to see the play YOUARENOWHERE 
  • Montreal, Canada on Aug 11, 12 to be a tourist
  • Halifax, Canada on Aug 13 - 16 to hang out on our island
  • Toronto, Canada on Aug 17, 18 for Strategic Coach CEO classes
  • Chengdu, China on Aug 20 - 23 for a guided tour led by our marketing director and my friend Michael Alexis
  • Chongqing, China on Aug 24 - 27 tour continues
  • Bangkok, Thailand on Aug 28, 29, 30 to see my friend John and his family
  • Bali, Indonesia approx Aug 31 to Sep 7 to take surf lessons, read books, and some R&R. My first time in Bali, any suggestions? Thinking I will be mostly in Canggu.
Funny Images
These made me smile. Hope they might make you smile, too. From one of my favorite Twitter accounts @RespectfulMemes
The End
Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend!
In museums we trust,
Nick Gray
Founder and CEO of Museum Hack and hopefully your friend
p.s. PICNIC THIS SUNDAY: If you live in NYC and want to meet up, I’m having a picnic with a bunch of friends in Central Park on Sunday. Reply back for info, it will be fun
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